Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seeded Crispbread

organic food for children

I just got back from San Francisco yesterday, so my brain isn't quite with my body. I spent a good part of the afternoon trying to write a post - and feeling delinquent because I haven't written a post - and eventually I did not write a post. I did, however, roast some veggies for dinner and do 4 loads of laundry, which is something. I fell asleep last night at 7:30 and had a dream about dinosaurs and 10K runs (don't ask), and woke up at 4am convinced it was only 11pm - because I hadn't changed the time on my phone yet. Welcome to jet lag.

And today? I'm pleased to find that these crispbreads, which I made before leaving for San Francisco more than a week ago, are still crisp.

This makes me incredibly, disproportionately happy, as I munch on them in those long-seeming hours between coffee and lunch.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dutch Baby with Pumpkin and Blackberries

baked pancake

It's a rainy day, cold outside, but the oven's warming it up in here. I'm in my kitchen with a strong black tea steaming on the bench, and a Dutch Baby in the oven - my version of Phyllis's. I've used pumpkin puree instead of sour cream, because - you know me - I never seem to have sour cream when I need it, and I find pumpkin puree a perfectly acceptable (even healthy?) substitution. I'm blasting Tori Amos on the stereo, feeling 20 again, but better than I did at 20. The angst, the insecurities - they're still there, but now I can see that's just life, and it's ok. Nelle's drawing pictures and the house is quiet, except for Tori. Why do we / crucify ourselves? So quiet, this moment behind the curtain of rain. I open the oven to check my Baby and set off the smoke alarm, oversensitive little bugger ... and yet, I can relate. Some mornings I wake up with that jittery feeling that just won't go, ready to sense heat and erupt in nonsensical panic. But not this morning, this morning is all about rain and crayons and shhhh. All good. So let me wave some sense into my little alarm and refocus on that Baby of mine. 

Time to carve into her. 
Hope you're having a peaceful long weekend,
Amanda xx

organic pancakes for kids

Dutch Baby with Pumpkin and Blackberries
serves 4

I didn't mess around too much with the original recipe - I merely scaled it up and used pumpkin puree instead of sour cream. I loved the texture of this dish, something like a clafouti - though less eggy. Something like a pancake - though more custardy. And with maple syrup drizzled over it, it was just about perfect.

So I'll keep it simple here - use the original recipe for more detail. Preheat: a 9" skillet in the oven at 200C (400F). Mix: 5 organic eggs + 1 1/4 cup whole milk + 1/4 cup and 1 Tbs pumpkin puree + pinch sea salt + just under 1 cup plain unbleached flour + 1 tsp vanilla extract till very very very smooth. Melt: 3 Tbs butter in that hot skillet in that hot oven. Pour: the batter into the skillet and watch the butter float up and around it. Oh yeah. Bake: until the edges puff up the sides and the middle starts to set, then distribute 1 cup blackberries (I used frozen) around the pancake, and sprinkle the top generously with rapadura (or brown) sugar. Return to the oven: until the edges are golden brown and crispy, and the center is set. Serve: with maple or ginger syrup.

NOTES: This organic Dutch Baby cost me less than 30 minutes and $4 to make, and served the 3 of us heartily (plus one serve left over ... and I'm suddenly feeling peckish ...).

*If you haven't been over to Dash and Bella, please get over there NOW. Phyllis is one of my favourite writers, and I know you're going to love her views on life. xx

Monday, June 3, 2013

White Sangria - A Guest Post at Deliciously Organic

I moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2004, never thinking I'd end up staying ... but there's something to be said for 300+ days of sunshine a year, and perpetually-blooming flowers, and a cute Aussie boy who turns out to be a great dad and husband, too. It's a great outdoorsy life - so far-removed from my Iowan upbringings, I feel like I'm on holiday all the time. Not bad, right?

But even though my little family adores our subtropical city, we still try to escape to the mountains - the hinterland - when we can. Give us a cabin surrounded by trees, a wood-burning stove (for the winter) and a swimming hole (for the summer) and we are happy happy happy. 

Give us that cabin with friends, and badminton in dress-up clothes, and a killer white sangria? 
Even happier.

This week I'm doing a guest post over at Carrie Vitt's fabulous blog, Deliciously Organic. Have you seen it? If yes, then you know what I'm talking about. If not, you are going to LOVE it. I promise. Head over there now, and bring a cup of tea (or sangria) ... because you're going to be there for awhile! I share some photos from our holiday in the hinterland - including a wallaby and some insane costumes, but more importantly a wallaby - and a recipe for that killer sangria I mentioned.

I hope you enjoy it!
Amanda xx