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In 2008, breast cancer compressed my world - stuffed everything I thought I knew into a little ball of cells that still haunt me. But I'm recovering. I'm cancer-free, and year by year my world is pushing back out, expanding, growing.

I began this blog in 2010 to share whole food recipes and tips for healthier living, and over the years, it's moved in all kinds of directions just as I have. Travel, books, food, life - all the things that are me.

And I've always felt guilty about that, as if this should be a one-dimensional space: a food blog. Except that none of us are one-dimensional people - we're people who shed our skins all the time and grow new selves and that's what makes us really alive, right? Figuring out who we are today. Figuring out what makes us feel great inside ourselves.

Here's what I've learned in all that figuring out:
Doing more of what makes us feel good MAKES US FEEL GOOD. 
Simple, isn't it?

For me, happiness has a lot to do with getting enough sleep and reading great literature and writing my guts out and travelling and cooking and eating and hanging out with Nelle and Robbie and my favourite friends and taking time to let my mind wander and being outside and moving my body. Oh, and massages. Can't get enough of them.

So why should I feel guilty about all that? This is my life, and it's probably going to be shorter than I want it to be, so fuck it, I'm living. And I'm going to write about that, whether or not it makes me indefinable - whether this space shifts from a travel blog to food blog to writing blog.

It's a LIFE blog. And life is complicated. We all are.
Love it.
Love you.


  1. Thank you....for the inspiration. Truly. =)

  2. Nice to meet u, Amanda, I'm Jane who is a South Korean blogger! I've just added this incredibly lovely blog into my [blogs in the world] folder in Chrome bookmark. :-) Also I wanna learn some organic recipe from your posts. Hope you have a wonderful day.!!

  3. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I am a fellow blogger, mainly so I can look back later :) I am always looking for more info about great organic cooking. I blog mainly about foster care and adoption here is WA state. Thanks for the info.

  4. Wow! Good for you to take control of your life and live out your dreams! What an exciting inspiration. :)

  5. You are SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERSON! Thank you for being you and doing what you love. Thank you for being strong and I love you unconditionally!!!! Namaste O'makunde <3

  6. Hi Amanda.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and findings. I'm Sophie, danish, 40, mother, wife, living in organic-self-sustainable community-village (we try), self-employed and curious about the ballance between food and health. I too am a cancer-survivor.
    You generate great inspiration. Especially your views and ideas on nutrition and natural ingredients.
    I'll be looking in on you from now on - only just found you this morning. Maybe its due to the geographical distance? ;-)
    Keep sharing please. Big hug from Denmark.

  7. Oh, wow - you're in Brisbane! I would absolutely love to meet you. We can swap war stories! So happy I stumbled upon your wonderful blog xoxo

  8. Thanks for keeping it real, Amanda!

  9. Thank you for always writing in a way that makes me feel more human, and more myself. You are such an inspirational person, and I wish you all the very best :)
    xox Julie

  10. Yay! You go girl! Be brave, be bold, be alive!

  11. Congratulations Amanda. Good work. Good journey.


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