The Zen of Magnetic Drawing Boards

Nelle loves drawing - she spends hours with her chalk and crayons and pens and pencils and this. Her magnetic drawing board. I was watching her today with it ... creating the most beautiful picture a three year old has maybe ever drawn ... and then I lean over, and as I'm asking her to show me the fine points of the drawing, she erases it. Gone. 

Which made me think about the concept of permanence and impermanence. How (according to buddhist philosophy) we're not meant to hold on to things, or ideas, or perceptions. How we should observe our own thoughts, and then let them go. Be in the present, the moment. 

And that's exactly what Nelle does. She draws, she shows me what she's drawn, she erases and does it again. When do we learn to run madly for the camera, to take a photo before the picture's gone forever? When do we wish to freeze those moments in time? 

There will always be beauty to observe, to create. Even if it passes by and doesn't stop. Or gets erased. 

So here's to all we can learn from our little ones,
Amanda xx


  1. what a lovely post Amanda... thanks for sharing such a beautiful idea :-)

  2. Hi Amanda. I love your site. Even though, like me, you have a young child, you always sound like you have your time balanced incredibly well. Can I ask, how on earth do you do it?

  3. Thanks Juanita!

    And thanks, too Jane! Hmmm... that's a tricky question! I'm efficient, and I also involve Nelle in as much of the day to day jobs as possible. That way I accomplish things (albeit a little more slowly) and she's entertained at the same time.

    Oh, and PlaySchool. Love PlaySchool. ;)

  4. Lovely to meet you yesterday Amanda. I went to a friends house after dinner last night and found your picture in the Q Weekend magazine she had. Amazing photo of you and Nelle, really beautiful - she is such a cutie. My friend had read the article earlier that day so she was very surprised to learn I had met you yesterday. Very sad to read about the woman who lost her battle (Lisa?). Thank you for letting me know about it. Enjoy the lovely rainy day today.


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