Be My Sustainable Valentine

Valentines. It's hard to share the love and still buy sustainably ... right? I disagree. We just have to reduce disposability, think about where products come from, and buy fair-trade when we can.
Easy Peasy.

Let's run through a few creative options that are good for the heart and the environment.

1. Chocolate
Chocolate is the go-to for Valentine's Day, but you don't have to buy the cheap stuff with a label-full of unintelligible ingredients. Buy a small bar (or two) of the best chocolate you can afford - something with only a couple of ingredients, fair-trade, and preferably organic. Why fair-trade? Because the cocoa bean trade is a bit dicey, and we ♥ supporting families with fair wages. 

Some of my favourites? Green and Black's and Loving Earth.

Alternatively, make something chocolate ... little cakes, wrapped up in pretty, re-usable boxes; cookies in heart-shaped tins; even homemade chocolate spread in a ribbon-tied jar.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect ... just made with love.

2. Art
Here's an idea for you. Instead of a Hallmark card - why not buy a small piece of art? Something that speaks to you, or reminds you of a place you and your loved one have been (or dream of going), or just reminds you of that person. There are lots of small photographs or prints that would say much more than your standard greeting card. Check out for ideas!

You can even find some of them - complete with poetry - (and 20% off at the moment) in my shop.
Just saying.

3. Personal photographs
Last Valentine's Day I got Nelle to hold a sign asking her daddy to be her Valentine - while I took a series of photos. I printed out 5 of them and framed the series ... and it's one of Robbie's favourite gifts ever. So easy.

And even better? This year I'm improving the frame. So he gets it again.

4.  Audio books
I do still like the feel of a good, solid, paper book. But I also like having a variety of audio books on my computer and iPhone for those times when I don't feel like reading. And with audio, you can snuggle up close to your hubbie and share a totally tree-free book together. Now that's romantic.

What ideas do you have for a sustainable Valentine's Day? Please share, we'd love to hear them!
Amanda xx


  1. I absolutely adore the shots of Nelle. What a great idea for not a lot of money and way more gorgeous than any expensive gift. Actually I love all your ideas and no valentines day is complete without chocolate if you ask me.

  2. Thanks, S! I totally agree on the chocolate ... maybe we should initiate a Valentine's blogger exchange? ;)

  3. Totally adore the pics of Nelle with her valentine's message. Best present ever.

  4. Great post! So important to not get sucked into crazy consumerism!

  5. A candle-lit dinner at home is both sustainable and environmental. We need to eat and the candles are bees wax with cotton wicks of course.

    I love the photos of Nelle. I wonder if my girls are too old to orchestrate such a photoshoot. It's the cooperation factor, or lack there or it, that is questionable. They see me with my camera and run. Enjoy it why Nelle is agreeable and cooperative. You've got to love teenagers... not. :)

  6. Hi there,
    My goodness, my mouth is watering from browsing all the delicious dishes on this site. You guys have built an excellent blog here, I will absolutely save you to my bookmarks. Great job!


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