Blueberry Quinoa Loaf

There's something about rain in autumn that makes time slow down.

Suddenly, it's nice to sit in a dimly-lit room. Lights seem too ... brash. The darkness makes it easier to hear the rain falling, easier to daydream. The clock ticks, the fridge clicks on. This is Tori Amos weather, Aqualung weather. Time to turn on the classical music station and fall into a quiet trance.

Forget about rules, facilitate peace. 

It's a day of droplets at the window and good food magazines and dreaming about berry crumbles baked in forest-bound cabins with woodburning fireplaces. (Please, please, please!) A day for scarves and warm socks. Dog in lap.

A great day to hang out with a friend, let the girls run off on their own, let her make you a hot, strong tea and an exceptional lunch. Scope out her magazines. Take a big, deep breath.
And some pictures.

And of course, when you get home, you bake. In your townhouse kitchen in the city. While your child watches 2 straight hours of tv.
(Yep, I do that sometimes, too)

Remember - peace is good. We all deserve moments to daydream - or bake - in our own rain-falling little worlds. You're still a good great parent.

And this? My husband just asked for it to go on 'The Shortlist.' He has NO idea there's quinoa in there. Hahahahaha. So I'm a good mum and a good wife. This day is awesome.

Happy Rain Day,
Amanda xx

Blueberry Quinoa Loaf
makes 1 loaf

I don't know if it's the sour cream or the quinoa (or my chronic over-stirring), but I find this comes out with that gorgeous texture of a poundcake. It's beautiful as a loaf, and I don't think I'd make muffins out of it. Besides, with a loaf you can cut yourself slices and pretend you're at a cafe ... a slightly messy, slightly noisy cafe. (But they do have your favourite tea ... )

The time
10 min prep + 1 hr baking + 20 min cooling

The ingredients
1 extra-large organic egg
1/4 cup sour cream
1 cup soured milk* (or 1 cup milk + 1 tsp vinegar)
1/3 - 1/2 cup raw sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)
2/3 cup cooked quinoa
2 cups self-raising flour
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

*I save my past-date milk for baking! Just remember not to pour it in your coffee by accident...

**Try to use organic ingredients when you can.

The process
1. Preheat the oven to 180C (360F) and line a loaf tin with baking paper.

2. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients in the order listed trying not to overmix once you get the flour in there. Tip the batter into the lined loaf tin and whack it in the oven for about 1 hr, until the top is golden and a skewer inserted in the centre of the loaf comes out clean. (Start checking at about 45 minutes.)

3. Remove from the oven and the pan and cool completely (if possible) before slicing. Serve with butter (= breakfast) or cream (= dessert). Store in the fridge ... if there's any left ...

The cost
Leftover quinoa is free, right? Well, pretend you're going to throw it out, then save it, and you get to be thrifty and virtuous. (And delusional. But who's judging.) This organic loaf cost me about $5-$6.


  1. Yum! We're heading into full on summer, but the next cooler, rainy day....

  2. I'm going to try this with blackberries! In Ecuador blackberries are never scarce!

  3. Wow, Amanda. I resented the rain on Friday - it prevented me from sitting in the courtyard and enjoying the warmthh and pleasure of having the sun beat down on my back. But having read your post just now, I'm almost lamenting that it's a fine day today (almost). You make a rainy day sound magical! Thanks :)

  4. @Anonymous Lucky - both to have so many blackberries *and* live in such a beautiful place!

  5. @Lauren I know, it felt strange to have it lighten up so much on Saturday ... I was ready for a dark and moody weekend, alas ;)

  6. Would there be a way to make this without self-rising flour? Or to make self-rising flour? I don't have any and would rather not buy it for one recipe. This looks SO delicious!

  7. @Mrs. Z Of course! The wikipedia article for 'flour' is actually pretty interesting to read (in case you're in need of procrastination) and says that you can make self-raising flour by adding 1 tsp baking powder to 1 cup of flour (with a pinch of salt). The texture will be a little coarser than self-raising flour, but it should work fine! :)

  8. Hi Amanda
    This sounds so yummy. I was recently given a book of Quinoa recipes.Very delicious!! Just wondering what form your Quinoa is to 'cook' it? I have Quinoa flour and have seen the flakes in a store. I'm wondering if it would be good toasted?? (if it lasts long enough to not be fresh!!) Hope you are all well. Talk to you soon Love Donna

  9. I can't wait to try this recipe! I even have some quinoa. I found your site through Crunchy Betty. She was right, you take the most beautiful photographs! I'm adding your site to my 'cool sites' list! I'll definitely be coming back to your blog again and again! :)

  10. @Donna Cosgrove Hi Donna - I just buy the quinoa grains and cook them up, though I don't see why you couldn't use flakes in this recipe. The benefit of the grains is that you can use them for dinner (instead of rice) and just set aside 2/3 cup for this!

    *Just remember to rinse quinoa grains before using them! They can be bitter otherwise :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Ok will have to try the grains - might be a nice change from rice :)

  13. I just have to say that your blog is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! It's a breath of fresh air amongst blogs in my opinion. I'm about to go make this loaf right now too, so thank you so much for the inspiration. Keep it up :) Blessings to you!

    Gina from

  14. I also found you through Crunchy Betty and boy am I glad. Just made this and LOVE it! Thanks so much for posting. My rainy day is complete.

    1. Yay for rainy days! Thanks for writing, Kori :).

      Ps my friend Linda just made and lived this with raspberries instead of blueberries ... Mmmmmm ....

  15. Just wondering,is raw sugar necessary for this? This bread looks beautiful! I'm going to make it as soon as school ends (:

  16. @Anonymous Nope, you can easily substitute your favourite sugar!

  17. I forgot to say that I just usually use raw {or even rapadura} to minimise the processing and keep it as close to nature as possible. :)

  18. Just made this loaf and it is beautiful!! I cooked it in my grandma's loaf tin and it made me think of her and smile( she passed away in november).Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes and inspiring words xx

  19. Oh my. Thankyou for easing the guilt I have of letting my boy watch (too much) TV so I can do other various things (or nothing)! Am new to your page and am so far loving what I see. Can't wait to make this!!

  20. just made this, with wholemeal flour (was going to use gluten free but then the boys wouldn't have liked it - bummer). divine! thank you! i'll be back frequently to check your blog x

  21. Anon - how beautiful! I love my Grandmother's things for baking :)

    Tracey - hope you've enjoyed it! and your free time :)

    megan - yum! hope it was DEVOURED by hungry boys :)


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