Happiness-Inducing Things, September 2012

There's been a lot of happy this month. My baby girl turned 5 and started sounding so ... grown up. At night, we've been sitting in bed with bowls of ice cream and - today - gingerbread foxes, watching Minuscule on DVD. I love a show that mashes insect ecology and human psychology and has 70+ episodes in season one. In the mornings, I water my garden and smell the freshness as the sunlight breezes over. I've spent hours turning words over and over in my head, and crawled through sand to get photos of marine debris. Both of which I loved. Robbie and I started watching Fringe all over again, from the beginning. I made him beef stew, he made me decaf coffee. We have a new favourite breakfast. I've been reading Peppermint and Gourmet Traveller and Cheryl Strayed and Siri Hustvedt and listening to Julia Stone and Beth Orton. I found The Road on DVD at the library, and can't wait to see it because I loved the book. In all its post-apocalyptic charm. I learned that the word 'nose' in Anindilyakwa sounds a lot like my first name, and that next month I'll take my Australian citizenship test. I'm pretty sure I'll pass - I know what a test match is, and it has nothing to do with fire {right?}. I dreamed about a flock of black cockatoos. I made coffee over hot embers. I found Robbie's passport {after having lost Robbie's passport}. We decided to travel Spain next year. And Thailand. I considered my future, my past, my fears, my dreams, my wardrobe. And the month's not even over yet. 
Amanda xx


  1. What a wonderful happy list! I too feel like there's so many good things going on at once, little and big. Each day I feel many grateful moments for all those things and I just pinch myself. Here's to many more happy moments triumphing those challenging ones.

  2. SPAIN. fantastic. you gotta just do these things!

  3. So, so glad to have found your blog Amanda. A happy busy month it seems. The new issue of Peppermint is bliss and if you do travel to Thailand you have to visit the Elephant stay in Ayutthaya...it is spine tingling!

  4. You have a lot to be happy about these days. Your travel plans to Spain and Thailand sound amazing. I will be in Thailand next year as well :)

  5. Thanks for saying hi!
    LI - I like looking at this list while I'm having a bad day :)

    Sara - agreed. gotta gotta gotta

    Dannelle - I saw that! will definitely look into it!

    NS - Thank you :) Happy travels to YOU! xx


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