Pita Pizzas || A Cabin in the Country

We were playing Scrabble in front of a roaring fire when she walked out of her bedroom, that guilty smile on her face. This was way past her bedtime. Leaning against the couch, she looked at us innocently -
"Do you always play games when I go to bed?"
 {not always, darling ... } But then we let her stay up with us anyway. Because we were on holiday, after all.

For four nights, we had a cabin in the mountains; with a wood-burning fireplace and golden-hued trees; animal heads adorning living room walls and the comfiest beds imaginable. The nights were cold in that perfect autumn way. 

We made simple things for dinner, like pasta; boiled potatoes dolloped with sour cream; pizzas made from pita bread. We drank golden microbrews with hints of apricot or raspberry. We drank lots of coffee, too, hot and black from the stovetop espresso maker we travel with.

It was awesome.

And you probably don't need a recipe for pita pizzas ... I just wanted to share the idea with you. Because pitas are great for lunches on the go, but also make fab pizza bases for all those things you have left at the end of a trip. 

So what do you need? A hot oven - set to 180C (360F) or so; 1-2 small pitas per person; tomato sauce and/or leftover red pepper soup and/or olive oil; thinly sliced veggies and/or lunchmeats; thin slices or shreds of cheese {I used pecorino}. Bake till the base is crispy and the cheese is browned and melty. Remove from the oven and eat as soon as they're cool enough.

{NOTE: Do not leave pizzas unattended in the company of your husband.}

And now, we're back in civilisation again. Back in the big smoke. And there's no fire tonight to make our cheeks warm and glowy ... but there's a comfy couch and great friends and a stack of magazines to get through.

Happy weekend, friends.
Amanda xx

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  1. Lucky Nell. She will want to be on holiday all the time. Sounds like some lovely time together as a family. Hope you are well.

  2. Thanks S! You, too!

    We're working on that balance between adventure and homeliness ... hoping our baby girl won't move across the world from us (like I did).

    or, we'll just have to move with her ...


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