Blogging Angst, and What I'm Going to Do About It

Here's the thing about blogging. You start off wondering what you're going to talk about and then 3 1/2 years later suddenly you're talking about too much. Ironically, I've been a little quiet lately because I've been trying to figure out my writing future. Not "figure out" in a permanent sort of way, but in the sense of choosing my path forward from here. From where I stand right now. 

what does a tortoise have to do with existential crisis?

Out of all these things in my head, which should I put down here? Which should go elsewhere? Which should be note-booked for a later date? I think I've finally (sort of) figured it out.

At the moment, I'm a scientist - albeit one who writes. I study ageing during the day and try not to worry about it too much in my non-academic life. I challenge myself to keep evolving with my child, to keep knowing her as whatever person she is this week. I write stories and poems and blog at night. I know what I love, but I still don't know how it'll all puzzle itself out into a life. And that's ok.

So out of all this, what do I blog about? Over the years, Easy Peasy Organic has grown from just organic and sustainable living to an all-encompassing vantage on my life - and because of that, so much good stuff gets missed out. All the travel stories I have to share! All the recipes I don't include!

I've been stressing about what belongs here and what doesn't - and it finally occurred to me: a new blog. I won't give up this one, don't worry - but I need a space dedicated solely to travel. Tips for making the most of trips overseas - being local as much as possible, to get the feel of a place. Our little family travels more than most, and I love being able to use our experiences to inspire families like yours to get out there and explore - just like I love being able to inspire health at home.

Here it is, friends - all ready to go:

A lot of the travel articles here on EPO get missed out by families looking for travel information - so I'm transitioning many of them over there. But I'm also writing new material based on the amazing places we've been and experiences we've had just since Nelle was born.

Where did the name Minimal Worries come from? I have my friend Brandon to thank for that. A particularly wry American - he of course had a few questions when he visited us in Brisbane. Such as:
"Why no worries?" he'd ask, over yum cha dumplings. "Shouldn't it be minimal worries? I mean, it's always some kind of worry, right? You just want to convey it's a small kind of worry."
Or something along those lines. And more duck pancakes, please.

By moving travel onto its own website, I can bring EPO back into its organic focus here - and I'm pretty happy about that. I hesitated creating a new blog - (Is this going to be a shitload more work? Do I need that?) - but I don't think it'll be more work. I think it's the natural progression of life at the moment.

So I hope you'll enjoy Minimal Worries, and visit it as often as you visit here! Thanks for all your support over these years - I know it's just going to get better and better from here :)

Amanda xx

UPDATE (Dec 21): I've had some great deep-and-meaningfuls with Robbie over this - have I done the right thing? Do I need to divide the site or not? I think what it comes down to is that I want to share all this stuff with you - the audience I've built up over these years. Maybe I just need to organise things around here a little better! So my (a little early) New Year's resolution is to catch up on my index of posts - and to make some very-helpful new tags so you can find the posts you're looking for here on every topic right here. Maybe even combine the sites on wordpress - we'll see ... I'll still keep Minimal Worries going - to catch all those travel-hungry parents out there! - but I hope I'll get them to join our community, on Easy Peasy Organic, too.

Seriously. Do I need a holiday from myself, or what??