Yoga for Waiting

I've been spending a lot of time in bathrooms lately, and it's got nothing to do with fibre in my diet. My daughter seems to enjoy sitting on the commode - thinking, daydreaming, contemplating, chatting, doing pretty much everything except what she's supposed to be doing. 

For me, standing and waiting waiting waiting? 
It's excruciating.

temple buddhist travel with kids
Penang, Malaysia

Particularly when we're having dinner. Or have just finished dinner. Or when we're at a busy hawker centre in Penang, Malaysia. Or at the Singapore Zoo, where undoubtedly exciting things are happening in pens just around the corner. We are going to miss the elephant show!!

Nothing I can say or do makes it happen faster. Never before have I wished my words could incite bowel movements - never before have I wished to become an oral laxative. Come on, sweetie, just finish. Please? Are you done yet? Can you hurry a little more please

And if this was physiological, dietary, I'd be more sympathetic. It's not. As an armchair psychologist I can assure you this is a control thing. This is the one time she calls the shots 100%, because she knows I'm not leaving her in a random toilet in Kuala Lumpur. She's got me. 

So I've just got to get her back deal with it. Appreciate this time for what it is.
I've started doing yoga. 

family travel in asia
Kek Lo Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia

I once had a boyfriend who took every opportunity to stretch, or flex, or do press ups, or otherwise contort himself in humiliating (to me) ways. In line at the bank? Standing on the subway? Trying to decide between Powerade and Gatorade in the sports drink aisle? That's wasted time, if you're not working on your flexibility. It used to kill me when he'd do that. But now I kinda see the point, just a little bit - it's not just about using that time, it's about taking control of it. My time. 

Don't get me wrong, I may see my ex's behaviour in a new light, but won't be doing calisthenics while I'm waiting in the toilet. That would be pretty silly - I mean, how dirty is that floor?! Nope, you can find me doing vrikshasana - the tree pose, with modifications that mean a) I don't have to put the bottom of my shoes on my pants and b) it's not actually obvious to others that I'm doing yoga. 

Here's tree pose:

NOTE: Adriene (above) is awesome. She does awesome yoga videos - you totally need to check her out. 

And here's my modification (and a REALLY dirty vintage mirror ... uh, sorry):

yoga tree pose patience parenthood
tree pose for waiting

See how I do it? The main difference is foot placement, because (ew) we don't want the bottoms of our shoes on our pants when we're standing in the toilet, right? So my legs are firm, my foot rooted into the ground, spine straight. Opposite (inside) ankle resting on the back my standing leg, as far up as I can get it by just lifting my foot. I stand tall and strong, using my leg muscles to push my bent knee into the same plane as my body. Shoulders down, shoulder blades pulled together, chin up, abdominal muscles engaged. Looking around makes this pose less apparent to everyone else in the toilet, and is also more difficult, which increases muscle toning. 30-60 seconds, then I switch to the other leg. If you're like me and my charming daughter, you should get a few dozen rounds in before you have to stop. 

But even a few minutes of yoga while you're waiting helps make you stronger - physically and mentally. So thank you, child, for this time.
And can you please finish?

Have a great Mother's Day out there!
Amanda xx