The Only Way to Eat Radicchio

Radicchio is seriously bitter. So why would anyone eat it? Because it looks awesomely trendy on a plate, for one. And it's one of those things you see at the market and you're like what's that? And you're kinda curious and you don't have anything purpley-red in your basket and it's next to the lettuces, so maybe it's like lettuce? Or perhaps you already know what it is, and you eat it because it has 4x the antioxidants of romaine. (Take that, lettuce)

Regardless of why you bought it, there's only one way to eat radicchio.
Grill the hell bitterness out of it.

Pick a deep red radicchio with unwilted leaves. In my experience, the fresher it is, the less bitter. Remove outer floppy leaves and quarter. Rub gently in olive oil and grill over a hot fire until it's cooked and charred and generally pretty appetising. Have a glass or two of wine, just in case. Remove the radicchio from the BBQ, douse in extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and Maldon sea salt flakes. A sprinkle of Greek oregano or fresh black pepper is optional. Carve up and enjoy.

If you're lucky, it's sweet and delicious. If not? Drink more wine.

Happy BBQing,
Amanda xx