5 Great Comfort Foods to Make This Weekend

Apparently there's a cyclone or two coming.

Cyclone Marcia

They say that Brisbane will get around 400-500mL (16-20") of rain tomorrow today alone one of these days - before the storm continues on its merry way down the coast, bringing even more rain for everyone.

Robbie tried to convince Nelle that we're all going to spiral away in the winds to a land called Oz, which is kind of true, but also the wrong kind of cyclone. Luckily, she knows better than to believe him.

You know what I think? Our garage will flood. The dog will refuse to go outside. My hair will frizz. My feet will get wet. And my legs. Quite likely, all of me.

So I'm going to drink a lot of tea.

A lot of tea 

And make comfort food.

Because I'm currently in bed and I still don't feel like downloading the new photos I took of some yummy things I've been making, I had a look through the archives for recipes I haven't made in awhile. It's kind of alarming, actually. I mean, it's been YEARS since I scalloped anything, or popped popcorn just as a substrate for peanut butter! And we definitely need some cookies around here. You probably do, too.

oat and sunflower biscuits, redux

So here are the recipes I'm revisiting over the next few days -

And right now? I'm making fresh bread and I reeeeeeally hope it works, because I need something NOW for butter and honey to go on. I'll let you know how we go :)

Stay safe and dry, friends,
Amanda xx