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When I was going through chemotherapy, I was part of an article that ran in the Brisbane weekend newspaper's magazine supplement. It focused on breast cancer in younger women, and highlighted 4 cases. All of us were in our early 30s or late 20s. You can find a copy of that article here (on pg 44): This article was  followed up in the 5th Anniversary edition of the same magazine, and focuses on one of the girls, Lisa, who was a good friend of mine and who died a year after diagnosis. It makes me so sad even to see those pictures, she was such a lovely, lovely girl; she deserved to see her boys grow up.
Our friend Juanita, who is a professional photographer, took a photo-journal of my treatment. She was part of our lives through all of it and you can find her view of my story on her photo-blog: She's amazing, and took some amazing photos.

I'm in remission now, as they call it. There are (supposedly) no cancer cells left in my body. My odds of living cancer-free are really high - as in, you would bet all your savings on it. Even so, I do worry ... I just try not to worry too much. And I definitely appreciate every single day.

I started Easy Peasy Organic because I wanted to reduce the chemicals going into my body. If you want to know a little more about environmental factors (like chemicals) and cancer, here are a couple of good sources:

from the Washington Post
The Breast Cancer Fund's State of the Evidence

If you want more information about breast cancer in younger women, please have a look at some of these sites:

or donate! Breast cancer research, support services, and networks all need our help with funding. I'll post some of my favourites shortly, but there are likely venues closer than you think.

If you have any questions about my breast cancer, or want to talk about anything related to whatever I've written here, please contact me via email at

Be well,
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