Eating + Drinking in Prague (oh, and Some Walking, Too)

If you're new to Easy Peasy Organic, this post is a little bit atypical. So please don't get the wrong idea! Even though I'm still writing recipes and sharing ideas for organic living, I also wanted to share with you some of my adventures overseas. I hope you enjoy reading along!


Robbie had a conference in Prague, so Nelle and I tagged along ... and what did I think about Prague? Loved it. The day changed so much from beginning to end ... the days began quiet and ended loud. You'll see what I mean ...

We woke ourselves up with a coffee and bread or pastry or (one morning) a full breakfast. These were my favourite places, the bakeries and the cafes. Peaceful early on, with just-watered flowers and gardens and the smell of summer.

Gingerbread with cranberry sauce at the historic restaurant Obecni dum

Coffee and crossaints at the inspiring bakery Bakeshop

Cafe latte in the garden at au Gourmand, which has an amazing philosophy (see pic). My favourite cafe in Prague!

Prague's a great city for getting lost ... even if you're not navigationally challenged, it's one of those places (like Brisbane, where I live) where the city centre is bounded by a curving river. So you can't direct yourself 'toward the river' (like I'm always inclined to do, having grown up along the Mississippi). Ah well, we had good shoes and our wanderings found us some amazing toy stores and marionette shops and parks and hidden plazas and even a couple lovely organic shops.

Nelle got herself a little mouse-and-cheese toy (he loops and loops through - how cute!!)

Lunch was usually just something to tide us over till dinner ... salad or baguette or a packet of organic sauerkraut (oops, it just kind of fell onto my plate ... ). Awhile back, Robbie worked for a bit in Europe, and ever since I've known him he's talked about the baguettes here ad nauseum a lot ... it was only last year I figured out what he meant! Belgium, France - yum yum yum. Chewy and crusty and very special. Especially with brie. Did I say yum? So, we had to give them a go in Czech Republic ... and weren't disappointed. 

I loved my brie baguette at au Gourmand

In the afternoons, Nelle and I played and napped and ate beautiful produce from the markets and watched the Barefoot Contessa on cable ... and were always ready to hit the cobblestones again by the time Robbie got home. 

I love the produce in Europe ... what is it that makes it so amazing?

My baby has a well-earned sleep

Prague in the evening was busy with people - outside tables full of cheap beers and loud conversation (and one evening, crazy German world cup fans with vuvuzelas), questionable music blaring from restaurants and shops. We walked through lanes with a chocolate museum or torture museum or museum of sex machines (not kidding) or with busy shopfronts, full of knickknacks and t-shirts. 

This Iowa girl does miss the long evenings of summertime - in Brisbane we're too close to the equator for twilight beer gardens. So we enjoyed our beers and pizzas in the fading sunlight and then fell straight into bed with exhaustion.

Pizza and beer and pretzels ... ah ...

Beer and dumplings ... ah again ...

Don't worry, I'm still a vegetarian!                             
But Robbie enjoyed his traditional pork-knee dinner on our last night.
And it had a kind of meaty beauty to it.

And finally, it was time to pack up and hop on the train to Poland ... but that's a story for another day!

Amanda xx

PS. Thanks to our gorgeous friend Justine for walking, walking, walking with us everyday; and to Frank and Craig and Anders and Jonas for some lovely meals together :)