Revised Beetroot (Beet) Smoothie

Hee hee! I'm always trying to get Robbie to eat beetroot. He detests it. Actually - hates it is a better description. But it's so good for you that I've given myself a mission of integrating it (secretly) into lots of different things. This one is an overwhelming success, for the whole family. Nelle had almost as much as we did!

The key is the hint of cocoa in there. And the hint of something else ... that you can't quite place ... (beetroot!) You'll need a juicer for this - but if you have one hiding away in your cupboard, take this opportunity to juice up some beets, then juice up some carrots and I'll have another couple of recipes for you!

He Drank the Smoothie!


Serves 2-3

juice of 1 large beetroot (aka beet)
3 bananas (can be a mix of ripe and frozen)
1 heaped Tbs raw cocoa powder
1/2 c greek yogurt (or plain yogurt with a couple Tbs of raw honey)
1 1/2 c milk

1. Put everything into a blender and blend. Enjoy!

This is Robbie's take on the smoothie:
"It's not beetroot unless you can taste it."
 So there you have it.

How much did this cost me?

Our smoothies were 100% organic. Well, I get my beetroots at the farmer's markets - use up the greens in some kind of garlicky dish and then play my tricks with Robbie. So one beetroot probably cost me around $0.50. The bananas were on special for $3/kg - so say $1.50 for those. The cocoa powder was only $0.20 or so. The yogurt I bought on special - 1 kg for $7 I think, so 1/2 c was only $0.35. And the milk was $0.80. So around $3 for 2-3 lovely smoothies, complete with lots of calcium and vitamins!

Have a lovely weekend,
Amanda xx