This Lace

I am sooooo proud of this lace. My first sewing for my baby girl, and (with my mom's help of course) I. did. it.  A gorgeous little chicky dress with frilly lace! 

My mom and I had a lovely day cutting out fabric and patterns and pinning and stitching and ironing and hanging out together. Nelle even helped whenever she could get her little hands in the way (oops, I mean in the action). It was great. And as soon as I got back to Brisbane, I set up my own little sewing desk ... went through all my clothes to determine what needs refashioning ... and I'm going to go for it! I am so addicted to shopping for secondhand clothes - but wouldn't it be great to fix up and beautify the clothes I already have? Much better for the environment ... and my wallet ...

Amanda xx

PS. I'm not the only one who's been sewing lately ... Ashley from the gorgeous blog Not Without Salt has just been sewing for her soon-to-be-born ... if you haven't seen her blog yet you should check it out!


  1. Congratulations Amanda-a beautiful dress for Nelle. x Justine


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