Gardens Make Me Happy

Actually, as I'm sure you guessed, a lot about the Pyrenees made me happy. But the gardens. They floored me.

Flowers. Veggies. Juicy little currants. Winding pathways and the fresh smell of turned earth. The buzz of bees. The smell of parsley after the rain.

Our lovely hostess Noemie allowed us to roam her garden (which included - by the way - a magic apple tree). We had handfuls of fresh herbs on everything. Zucchinis overflowed our baskets. A head of lettuce as big as this tabletop appeared at our doorstep. We ate beans as they were, because who needs to cook food like that?

But I couldn't stop there. No, no, no. Noemie's garden only piqued my curiosity. Did everyone in France have a garden like this? And so I found myself peering over walls and through hedges - camera in hand - to see what everyone had in their gardens.

I tried not to look too creepy.

And I discovered that - oh yes, yes, yes. French gardens are expansive, and well-tended, and productive.

(Needless to say, I was inspired)

Inspired enough to reclaim my own garden bed. To dig organic chicken poo into its dry, crusty earth. To carefully, gently, set amaranth and lettuce and broccoli and pea seedlings into the newly-fertile, watered soil.

(I may or may not have spoken French to them.)

VoilĂ . Bon week-end, my friends.
What makes *you* happy?
Amanda xx


  1. You've inspired me with your post. I was looking at my extremely neglected vege beds this arvo, thinking should I scale back. But no, It'll be worth the work. I'd love to explore french gardens, in person, rather than books. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous, perfect pink.

  2. @MissMollyCoddle Ah, so happy to hear! It'll definitely be worth the work ... just be sure to reward yourself appropriately ;)

  3. Wow...those pictures make me happy! Such beautiful gardens. I am ashamed to say I have neglected my garden lately - it's been SO hot here in the Southern U.S. Maybe I will give it a little TLC today.

  4. What a pleasure touring the gardens must have been and peeking over the fences of other's to see their gardens.
    Good luck with reclaiming your own, I'm sure it will provide you with a beautiful bounty.

  5. Oh how I want my own veggie garden... *sigh*

  6. I'd love a veggie garden. There is always a sense of satisfaction when growing your own food, and it tastes so much better too!

  7. Speaking to the garden always helps...I remember when I was in Spain coveting the artichokes growing in everyone's gardens (that is after we figured out it was not pot growing in everyone's gardens.)


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