How I'm Going to Lose 10 Pounds By Using a Bigger Fork

I really dislike* dieting. The whole concept of it - the idea of restricting food intake; choosing stuff at the supermarket labelled lo-cal or non-fat or diet; the commercials on tv (in the US anyway) that tell me my body is not even close to perfect, but hey - there's a pill for that!; the self-loathing that comes with continually assessing ones' own weight.

*and by dislike, I mean hate. But since I'm teaching my daughter not to use that word, I thought I shouldn't either. Damn you, consistency in parenting!

Me, I prefer exercise. Running, walking up rather large hills with a 4 year old on my back, a nifty little iPhone app called Nike Training Club - and another one called Boot Camp; Bikram yoga (when I can afford it); my own version of Bikram yoga (when I can't); rowing machines; weights; and so on. I figure that getting strong is more important than some number on a little machine that may or may not be accurate and certainly doesn't define me as a healthy (beautiful) individual.

I know. I look like I have hair fluff.
But. Fat does freak me out. In part because I want to keep fitting into my jeans (though admittedly, pregnancy pants are pretty comfy), but also because being overweight is associated with breast cancer. The creepy fact is that - as if they weren't bad enough on their own - fat cells produce estrogen.

I had breast cancer, 3 years ago. I wasn't fat, I was young (and - ahem - still am), and I wasn't exactly treating my body badly. In my personal case, I believe that I've just had too much estrogen in my life. (Good times, right?) My cancer cells were of a type that loved estrogen. Yum. Yum. Yum. So with every jiggle around my middle, I imagine estrogen gushing out into my bloodstream. Feeding straggler cancer cells. Contributing to cancer all over again.

(I know this is just my imagination ... that's not how it works. But fear of recurrence definitely affects one's rationality.)

At the moment, as part of my long-term cancer treatment, I'm taking medication to prevent my body from producing estrogen, and more medication to block any estrogen receptors in my body. But seriously. Will my fat cells just knock. it. off?

I can't/won't consider dieting. It's just not an option. So, to get rid of my fat cells I'm going to exercise like a demon and use a bigger fork.

I was pretty excited today to read about a nifty new study showing that people eat less if they use a bigger fork. Now, I'm traditional Iowa farm-stock - born to clean my plate, lest the harvest not be good. So, of course, using a smaller plate works well for me. But a smaller plate and a bigger fork? What a combo.

And it just so happens that when I was in Scotland, I bought 3 large, gorgeous, silver forks (10p each at a church charity shop). Which I will now be using for everything.

Thank you science. Thank you people who donate to charity shops.
I'm off to do some yoga.
Amanda xx


  1. I also hate the word "diet", not in it's true definition, but how society uses it. I have been on a lifestyle change since the start of Jan 2010.

    I have lost 25 kg in that time, and am a gym junkie for it now. I love exercising, and luckily I have a gym membership that I've had for years but have never really benefited from. I think I have now officially made up for in 18 months the YEARS I haven't used it to my benefit!

    You can do it! But do remember, that food is 75% of the "journey" <--- hate that word more than diet!!!!

    Any exercise you choose (I love the yoga, don't do it enough myself, too busy losing that last 5 kg's before I'll get back to it, or body balance at least) will help you on your way!

    Good luck!

  2. For the record, ever since I saw your photograph with your daughter for the magazine article I was struck by how beautiful you are.

    My sister is also on estrogen inhibiting drugs as part of her long-term breast cancer treatment. She does not *diet* but eats sensibly and maintains a very active lifestyle with golfing throughout the season and walking her very hilly course (no carting), swimming and spin classes. While she may always have to contend with a few extra pounds, she is nonetheless very fit and her BMI is at healthy levels.

    I read the study from your link. Very intriguing and an experiment I just might try...with smaller forks. My entire life I've struggled to add 10 pounds to my frame and keep it on. Darn metabolism :)

    Best wishes with your new forks.

  3. You are totally gorgeous as you are! That said, I completely understand this fear as I have been reading the same things about estrogen and fat. I am right there with you -- been boosting up my daily activity as much as I can.

    Next time you come over, we'll take the kids on a nice 20 minute walk to a beautiful shady playground that is also conveniently located next to a lovely coffee shop (skinny lattes anyone?)...

    Now I just need a bigger fork.

  4. You all are just about the most gorgeous commenters I've ever seen. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    And Renee - you are on, sistah.


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