Where Oh Where Have I Been??

Sadly, I haven't just jetted back from France/Poland/Singapore/anywhere exciting really.

Where have I been?
I've been digging around in the dirt ... a lot.

a corner of my townhouse garden

I've made bread that looked like this -


and grown beetroots that looked like this.

and I thought they were ruby chard!
I joined my talented friend Juanita for a wedding shoot.

she's awesome
I've played this with Nelle (over and over and over)

and right now Sorry is how I feel for buying it ...
And cleaned up the mess here ...

Here ...

and Here ...

but didn't clean the bathrooms. ah well.
I taught Nelle about the magic of fresh peas.

I've also been designing and making art and beauty products for my first-ever designer markets - December 10th at St Augustine's in Hamilton (day) and December 16th in Brisbane CBD (evening).
(more about this soon!!)

More soon, friends ...
Amanda xx


  1. O.K., that bread scared me! LOL Congratulations on the Designers Market. No doubt your cards and beauty products will sell very well. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    P.S. Your fresh peas look delicious!

  2. Paula - there are few things more disappointing than putting all the ingredients into the breadmaker, setting it for a 7am finish, waking up to the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house, and finding THAT.

  3. Thanks for the post! I'm jealous - you are planting veg and cleaning peas while we're raking leaves.

    I'm 'Sorry' I can't play Nelle's new game with her - it's one of my favorites.

    Beautiful photos once again! Hi to all!


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