Have You Heard of Kickstarter?

Well, if you haven't ... today's your day! Kickstarter is an *awesome* idea, about awesome ideas.

People with innovative new business plans post them on the site, and all of us out there in the world can become 'backers' - giving anywhere between a few $$ and mega-$$, depending on our interest and what we want in return. Typically you get the product itself, plus any number of added extras.

I love this site - because it's full of energy and novelty and incredible gift ideas.

Perfect for Christmas shopping! And what does Kickstarter have to do with Easy Peasy Organic? I love new ideas, and inspiration, and feeling a part of making change in the world. I know you do, too!

For example ... I may have backed the new card game Creatures as a Christmas present for someone ...

I backed this beautiful magazine about vegan food ...

And I'm eagerly awaiting the zombie apocalypse so I can start running again ...

And here are some other faves ...

For cyclists? Revolights
For iPhone photographers? the Olloclip
For travellers? the Versalette

You can find projects based on art, film, technology, games ... and more. Seriously, check it out. This website is seriously inspiring!

Amanda xx


  1. This does sound very interesting! I'm bookmarking it to check out in the New Year.

  2. Kickstarter is a great concept - so simple. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hubby and I spent two hours last night looking around Kickstarter.

    Now I want a pet jellyfish... www.kickstarter.com/projects/1497255984/desktop-jellyfish-tank

  4. Thanks for the reminder on this. I must get back on and have another look. Love the chickpea magazine as well.

  5. I, too, love Kickstarter. In fact, just today I donated to a woman in my community who wants to operate ice pop carts where the pops are all natural and made from local ingredients. I hope she gets the money because there are few alternatives to the ubiquitous carts in the park all stocked with questionable ingredients....


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