Simple Salad Tacos | Rewriting History

Last year, I told you this was the 'next generation taco' - and I stick by that. But it didn't get the response I was hoping for. I mean, wasn't your world shaken by this announcement? No, the post sat all quiet and sad ... until yesterday. And when I pulled the recipe out of the archives, I knew. How on earth did I manage to complicate a SALAD TACO like this?

So I'm re-writing the recipe. And in fact, in the process of extracting this post, I managed to erase the original ... so technically, it's not even re-writing anymore. Kind of like memories, I guess - you write over the original so many times it becomes a new reality.

Welcome. To my dreamworld.

We're back in the desert, in our hired house, living a semi-transient life that does not lend itself well to multi-step taco construction. But does life EVER? What we need, friends, is this: simplicity.

And tacos.

Simple Salad Tacos
1. lettuce leaves - of a variety that lends itself to folding
2. a can of quality refried beans - you can afford to splurge on refried beans
3. full-fat sour cream
4. your favourite salsa
5. shredded cheese
6. homemade guacamole

Done. Kabam. 

The guacamole
3 avocados, mashed
lime juice and sea salt, to taste
minced fresh cilantro, if you have it

The assembly
Put as much stuff on the leaf as you can, fold, and eat.

Be feliz,
Amanda xx


  1. Amazing - we are in a bit of a bean phase at our house and this dish would suit us down to the ground and lettuce leaves as wraps do make for a perfect light meal.

  2. Hi Amanda, I just met your blog today, and have to say i love it (which u probably get quite a lot)! But thankyou so much for sharing your story and reality, and AMAZING! recipes.
    Lots of love, Rhi

  3. Great looking taco, loving your *green* wrap.

  4. Great blog, Amanda. glad to have found it :)

  5. Great blog, Amanda. glad to have found it :)

  6. Great blog, Amanda. glad to have found it :)

  7. Salads remind me so much of me and my nana picking lettuce from her garden. I used to have a teepee in there, too. Awesome recipe by the way. Cheers!


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