Death is the ultimate shit. So what are you going to do about it?

Is worrying about things holding you back? 

Here's how I think about my life. Maybe I only have 5 years left, or 10. Maybe cancer will creep its way back into my body. Or maybe not - maybe I'll die from old age, instead. Maybe I'll run my last 10kms at 95. 

That's a lot of maybes. These are the things we can never know - the whens and hows of our own demise. Death's beyond uncertain, it's unfathomable. And yeah, of course there are times I can't stop thinking about it. But you know what helps? Change.
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Neale Donald Walsch.
I love that quote. It's so spot on. For me, moving away from the comfortable in my life is like a pool of icy water - it's not easy to immerse myself, but doing so helps me remember that right now, right here, I'm alive. I'm breathing, I'm living, I'm thriving. And I can do whatever the hell I want. 

So can you. Shit will happen. Death - the ultimate shit, in my opinion - will happen. But what you can control is how you experience things until then. Get out there. Do stuff. Live.

And once you get used to the idea that you're mortal - and that it's ok to be mortal - all the other worries tend to fade a bit, too. So find the edge of your comfort zone, plunge into the world, grow yourself.

See you out there,
Amanda xx


  1. Thank you for this reminder. I worry all too often about death because of my father and his health it does frighten me quite a bit. It's time to just live and not think about what will happen because who knows when that will be, hopefully when I'm in my 90's.

  2. Whoa! This was one of those posts when you open it up to read it,you are just "going through your e-mails to get it done"...and "bam"....right between the eyes! I really needed to hear this because I stay in my little cocoon as much as I possibly can! LOL!

    When I read that quote,( a great one,by the way!), I was scared and also excited by the possibilities ahead. That is,if I can get out of my own way! I am going to print this out and keep it close to encourage me to go past my comfort zone. Thank you for this,I needed it!!

  3. Thanks for your blog, Amanda! I'm new to it, and I really appreciate the practical information. You know, for a Christian, death is not the end, but a door...into eternal life...even more real. John 11:25-26, John 10:9-11, I John 5:11-13. I appreciate your courage! Maybe going past our comfort zones might mean spiritually, too. Bless you!


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