A Naturally Clean Microwave

citrus - a key ingredient for all-natural cleaning

One day, you'll open up your microwave - the machine you always wonder, every time, is this bad for me?? before setting your gone-cool cup of tea inside and pressing start - and you'll KNOW it's bad for you. 

Because the entire inside surface will be covered in a prehistoric splatter crust. I spare you that photo.
Here's what you can do when this happens: 

1. Close the door and back away. If you haven't seen it, it hasn't happened. (or)

2. If you see the crust moving, catch it on video and youtube the fucker. It may be disgusting, it may be a new species, it may make you millions. (or)

3Clean it. Now.

You know how I am about cleaning (Mom, I know you're reading this). I'm not a fan, and I'd rather be rich and pay someone else do it for me if I could. But given we spend about 40% of our income on travel, and another 40% on coffee, that's (sadly) not an option. Yet. 

So if you're like me with cleaning - you have to do it yourself, NOW. In your underwear, in a loose towel, in your best dress, NOW. And if the cleaning involves your microwave, try citrus.

This is nice cleaning. It smells good, and it makes you feel like one of those paper towel commercials we all know are a complete set-up. Ooh, look how this stuff just wipes off! For REAL. 

Slice 1/2 - 1 lemon or lime - even kinda old ones will work here, but use a greater proportion of the fruit if it's old and dry - and place into a small bowl with 1 cup of water. Microwave the bowl of water + lime (uncovered) on high for 3-5 minutes, until boiling. Then leave the door of the microwave closed for another 2 minutes so the citrusy steam can work its magic. If you're like me, you might even forget about the whole thing until 2 hours later, when you return to warm up a cup of tea. Oops. That's ok. Just carefully remove the dish (it might still be HOT! though not 2 hours later ... ) and use a warm, wet cloth to wipe down the microwave. Easy peasy. 

And I hope you eventually enjoy that tea. :)
Amanda xx