Sometimes, I find, the best time to do something is when you notice it. 
Meaning, NOW.

Maybe you walked into the kitchen this morning, your clothes in hand (because who doesn't get dressed in their kitchen?) and find that the white-tiled floor looks like a family of trolls - terribly messy trolls - have eaten off it all week.

Here are your choices:
You can ignore the stains and smudges and random bits of sticky tape and wilted fragments of lettuce and go about the morning routine - kettle on, beans on, toast in. Oh, and clothes on. You're still awesome - I mean, you're down here doing all this and everyone else is still in bed, right? At some stage later, when the timing's better, your eyes will surely snag on the dirt on the floor again and you'll have the time to clean it.

Or ... perhaps ... you could set your clothes on the counter, get the towel/swiffer/combo thing you alone in this world call a mop, splatter white vinegar and eucalyptus oil across the kitchen, and clean it right now.

In your bra and undies. And with the knowledge that - yes, this is perfectly normal. And you're awesome this way, too.
Amanda xx


  1. Ah,so I'm not the only one! LOL! Going to go clean my kitchen RIGHT NOW!

  2. New to your blog [was looking for a recipe to use up milk and tried your lemony rice pudding - yummy!], and I am inspired. Also love this post. :) Will be visiting again!

  3. Do it, Darlene - with music :)

    And thank you, Jo! Happy to have you!


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