Roadtripping :: Brisbane to Sydney

Oh, I've got a feast for you friends ... but I left my baba ganoush recipe back in Brissie, so sadly you'll have to wait till after Easter. {Note: here it is!} In the meantime, a roadtrip. A long stretch between Brisbane and Sydney, with motel-room breakfasts and rest-stop picnics, music and audiobooks on the stereo.

Before we left, a dash to the supermarket, for roadtrip food:
  • Banana bread, from the bakery 
  • Seeded rye loaf
  • Small jars of strawberry jam + marscapone
  • Crunchy peanut butter, in a monster tub
  • Fresh-ground coffee, regular + decaf 
  • Tea, black + green
  • Tetrapack milks, with straws
  • Fresh, washed grapes + bananas + pears
  • A tin of baked beans + a tin of sardines
  • Seaweed rice crackers + oat crackers + olive oil crackers with rosemary + sea salt
  • A small round of organic brie
  • A bar of Green & Blacks milk chocolate

I packed up clothes + toys + regular things ... but also (what I consider to be) essentials for coffee-drinking + picnicking:
and a yoga mat, or two, for much-needed stretches.
We also may have done sprints across a grassy field ... because that's what our legs wanted ...

I packed up things to do, between and during stops:
  • the scooter + soccer ball
  • the iPad, drawing pencils, paper, and books
  • a tub full of small plastic animals and dolls
  • library-borrowed magazines
  • my camera, my lenses, my new notebook 
And some favourite reads - which you can peruse here.

Off we went ... Nelle in the middle in the back, Robbie driving, me in the passenger seat with my feet tucked up. We sang and we dozed (not Robbie, of course), we listened to Stephen Fry read Roald Dahl stories and we watched the scenery change from north to south. We stopped for the night in a town we love, in a hotel I'd forgotten the name of but that we eventually found. (oops)

We stopped and started, giving ourselves a couple of hours between places as we wound our way over patchwork country roads through little towns with sweet names, like Glen Innes and Walcha and Uralla and Glouscester. Until we hit the city ... Sydney. The lanes narrowed, the houses and trees grew tall, and the clock wound up closer and closer to the time we'd told Nelle we'd be there.

And then, we were.

Happy Easter weekend!
Amanda xx


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Really enjoying your blog. I was just wondering where you get your biodegradeable plates and your cutlery from? I've been searching for a while but can't find any I like.


  2. Hi Hannah - I ordered them wholesale before out wedding last year, but you can find the same types at organic stores like Biome in Brisbane. They're just a little more expensive that way. I'll see if I can find the website I purchased from, in case you're interested ... but that's really only the way to go if you need larger quantities (as in, 50-100 in a set). xx


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