Pear and Walnut Salad with Tahini Dressing :: And Notebook-Losing

I lost my notebook this week. Canary yellow and full of notes to myself, random thoughts and lists and sketches, it was one in a series of Moleskines I carry with me everywhere. 

Because otherwise, I forget things. 
Like my notebook,
Who knows where. 

I don't even remember what I said in it, what recipes it held, or ideas. Maybe I'll start making up things, exciting new things ... and really they were there already, in that golden, sunshine-coloured book. But that's ok, they'll be different or the same, probably better, and I'll set them down carefully in my new, (persimmon-coloured) notebook, the one I'll carry with me everywhere. Once more, a paper-and-ink extension of my own cerebral cortex. 

Maybe I'll find my notebook again, and open it, and discover gems of wisdom inside, or maybe it'll be nowhere near as good or important or valuable as I imagine it. Or maybe it'll be gone forever, into the void where lost things go.

It was shit, losing my notebook. 
But I'm pretty sure I'll get over it.

Also this week, I made this salad about five million times. That's what it felt like, I just couldn't get enough. I probably wrote down how many times exactly in that yellow notebook I lost, so sorry I can't be any more specific than five million. 

Amanda xx

Pear and Walnut Salad with Tahini Dressing
The best part about this salad? It's so easy. Oh, and the pears - beautiful in Queensland markets right now. Walnuts. And tahini dressing. All the protein makes it filling - I've been having this salad for lunch, all on its own. You could probably add some chopped (cooked) chicken breast or quorn if you want even more protein.

The ingredients + The process
I'll leave it up to you on the quantities - this salad isn't too fussy, so you can heave extra walnuts in if you want, or eat half the pear before it hits the salad (hypothetically). Just grab a handful or two of washed greens - chopped lettuce or baby spinach or rocket or a mix - and toss in half a pear, sliced thinly. Sprinkle with a handful of palm-crushed walnuts. Top with tahini dressing - I use equal quantities of tahini + extra virgin olive oil + white wine vinegar, with a pinch of flaky sea salt. But you can tinker with the proportions if you'd like, or use lemon, or whatever. Season to taste, with freshly-ground pepper.



  1. Looks so good.
    Your notebook will turn up. I lost the work camera this week. The $700 camera I bought for the team just six months ago. I had it on a train. I fell asleep. I woke up. I got off the train. As the train was pulling out I realised I had something else with me when I got on and it wasn't with me now. GONE!

  2. Nooooo! I have to admit, this was a nightmare of mine (except with child, not camera) before Nelle got old enough to REMIND me to take her off the train ...

  3. I hope your notebook turns up. Maybe you left it at a store or cafe and someone turned it in?

    This salad looks wonderful. Now I have to find Tahini Dressing around here.

  4. I would be devastated if I lost any of my notebooks! I feel for you... Fingers crossed it turns up. Salad looks delightful.

  5. Aw, thanks Paula! You should be able to find tahini at any natural foods store or middle eastern food shop - it's the sesame equivalent of peanut butter, so yum.


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