Baileys Affogato | Why You Should Always Travel With a Stovetop Espresso Maker

I must confess.

I travel with a stash of coffee, and a stovetop espresso maker. Even to remote Australian islands where I'm only allowed to check 12kg of luggage total. Even to the US, where I know I'm going home with a {leaden} suitcase of secondhand books. But hey - I've made beautiful espresso in fire-warmed sand on the beach; on gas cookers in mountain cabins; on fancy stoves and BBQs. I could even sustain myself for that pin-drop-quiet week between Christmas and New Years in my hometown in Iowa.

And here's why I do it. Life is too short for bad coffee. 
For bad anything, really. Remember that.

And this here recipe is pretty much all the excuse you need to buy yourself an espresso maker of some fashion - and then travel with it everywhere.

Happy Elections,
Amanda xx

Baileys Affogato

Affogato in Italian means drowned; though in this case it's a particularly wonderful kind of drowning. The kind that involves rich vanilla ice cream immersed in hot, dark coffee. And Baileys.

I'd be ok with drowning in Baileys.

The time
less than 10 minutes

The ingredients
1 shot (or 1/4 c) of espresso + 1 shot (or 1/4 c) of Baileys + 2 scoops organic vanilla ice cream per adult

NOTE: you can use regular or decaf espresso, and feel free to omit the Baileys if you wish. Chocolate or coffee ice cream would work here, too.

The process
1. Brew yourself some espresso. Set aside, but don't let it cool. It's nice to pour over hot.

2. Scoop yourself some ice cream, into a glass or mug.

3. Pour over the Baileys, then the coffee.

4. Serve straight away {with a spoon}, before the ice cream does any severe melting. Let your face acquire a pensive, dreamy look. Drown in contentment.

The cost
Does it matter? Not tonight.

The cost really depends on the quality of the coffee and the ice cream. I recommend locally-roasted organic coffee and ice cream that's made from ingredients like cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla rather than xanthan gum and other filler | thickener ingredients.


  1. I truly believe that life is too short for bad anything as well! Especially bad coffee :)
    An affogatto is such an elegant way to end a meal, and if I was going to drown oh please oh please make it while I am swimming in a cup of creamy ice cream and sharp espresso.


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