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A couple weekends ago, we ate pie. This, in itself, is not momentous, but the fact we sampled something like 10 different pies is. We sat on the grass, surrounded by cool-looking people with big shades and shoulder tattoos and sugar-crazed kids. On our plates, ice cream melted over bananas foster pie, dripping into the creamy spaces between soft, caramelised bananas.

And if you think that sounds suggestive, or provacative, I say: 
hell yeah.

This is an annual event, the Pie Social and Croquet Tournament - and an excellent reason to find yourself in downtown Phoenix on a Saturday afternoon in November. I didn't see much croquet happening, but maybe that happens when all the pie is gone and everyone either gets up and starts moving again or melts into the grass between the plastic forks and dribbled apple filling.

Pie on its own is good.
But it's even better when you share it with friends and strangers, in the sunshine, 
with live music.
Amanda xx


  1. @sarah oh yes indeed! though you would've had to fight me for that bananas foster pie. I got the last piece. :)

  2. I can't wait to hear more about this. Tell me everything!

  3. @Steph Bond Hutkin (Bondville) 20 celebrity chefs + locals baked pies ... there was a competition, and judging. For $10, you got 5 sampling tickets ... but some of the slices were ever so generous, and with sharing among friends, we tried heaps more than 5 pies! There were lots of standards - pumpkin or apple and variants of ... but special ones, too, like the bananas foster (my fave), a coffee/raspberry pie (that won), and blackberry pie with a crumbly blue cheese topping. Mmmmm .... Didn't meet one I didn't like! The money raised went to a local charity. Happy day!

  4. I think it sounds fantastic. I think we should do a pie social for the next ABCD meet-up. What do you think?

  5. @katiecrackernuts YES YES YES! But please please please let me be able to come! :)

  6. Christian Rene FriborgNovember 20, 2012 at 9:50 PM

    Lots of pies? That seems awesome! I love the photos too.


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