The Train to Writesville | Pre- New Year's Resolutions |

There have been a lot of things inspiring me lately ... but sadly, cooking hasn't been one of them. I don't know what it is ... or maybe ... I do.

I'm on a train to writesville. 

PS. I know this is not a train.

For years now, I've been looking up the empty track; watching tumbleweeds; playing with my new old camera and buying fresh fine-point pens and untainted notebooks. Afraid the train won't come. Afraid it will. Afraid of where I'll end up. Afraid of going nowhere. But I've done it. I've committed to this dark and dusty route. Hello, future. Here I come. I'm a writer, damn it.

Progressively, I've felt my brain open back up after all those years of blinding focus | on tadpoles and temperature and my own ego |. I've started to see things again in the world around me, and I feel intensely that I want to share these things with you. With everyone out there. 

So I'm writing. Writing queries to magazines I love. Writing articles for magazines I love. Writing on this blog. Taking notes for that novel that's been hanging out in the back of my head for no fewer than 4 years. Reading a shitload of magazines and filling my notebooks with words.

This is a time for me to pare away some of the other stuff - the blogs I'm not committed to, the skin care products that - really - I want you all to want to make for yourself. Because you can. And it's best that way.

Don't worry, Easy Peasy Organic will still be here. This is my happy place, after all. You all make it that way! But I might not always give you recipes. Sometimes I might just share my inspirations; or photos. No pressure. I know you'll enjoy the ride with me!

Have a lovely rest of your week, friends,
and we'll talk soon.
Amanda xx


  1. Enjoy the journey and congratulations on doing what makes you happy.

  2. That's SO exciting, Amanda! Not just because I adore reading your writing and look forward to each post, whatever it holds, but because this sounds deeply, deeply satisfying for you. Awesome x

  3. Maryea, Lucie, Andrea ...
    THANK YOU! My smile is literally 6 inches wide at the moment :)

  4. Welcome on board! I love reading your wonderful words, even though I comment very rarely.
    I took the leap early this year and after seven years working and studying in the allied health fields I enrolled in a masters program of writing, editing, and publishing. I have felt myself come back to life!
    Now I know that I need to find a way to marry my love of food and health with my love of delicious words. My mission for summer is to live saturated in the heat of each syllable and find my path to Writesville too :)
    Nice to know I will find some friends along the track :)


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