Those Edges

I just felt compelled to re-write my "About Me" page, because when I did it last year I was kind of copying a blog I wanted to be. Which is what they say you should do … but it really oversimplified (?) dramatised (?) who I do want to be. It's something I've been struggling with a bit, both in this space and in life. 

Who the fuck am I? What makes me happy?

And I think I'm finally beginning to get it. Happiness isn't cutting off your edges to fit into the right slot. It's pushing those edges up against the world - letting them feel the hot and cold, letting them ache and sting. 


So I rewrote my About Me page

And it makes me think that we all need one - a place to not-define who we are but where we can go when we forget that it's ok not to know. 

Write it. Use it like a map, but don't follow too closely.