The Easiest Meditation Ever

Meditation is so good for us. I use it to reduce stress, put things in perspective, take a time out, rest my busy brain, and improve my mood. But rarely do I feel like I have the time to sit down myself for a quiet 20 min or so ...

When I was pregnant a friend of mine gave me the great book Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children (thanks Anna!!) ... and one of the things I remember was that you can meditate while you do anything.

Our all-natural broom for 'Sweeping the Deck'

So here are my common meditations:

Washing the Dishes
Wash the dishes. As you do, focus on the task - try to think only about washing the dishes. If you have lots of other random thoughts enter your mind, that's ok ... but don't spend too long on them. I often repeat in my mind 'washing the dishes ... washing the dishes ... washing the dishes ... and so on'

Walking up the Stairs
Focus on walking up the stairs, and repeat to yourself 'walking up the stairs ... walking up the stairs ... '

Folding Laundry
Focus on folding or hanging laundry, and repeat to yourself 'folding the laundry ... folding the laundry ... '

Waiting in Line
Focus on standing tall and straight, don't get frustrated about how long it's taking, just repeat to yourself 'waiting in line ... waiting in line ... waiting in line ...'

And so on ...

I try to choose a menial task that I otherwise don't enjoy ... this way I feel like I'm accomplishing something good for myself at the same time as doing the task.

And you know those days when Little Helper uses 'whiney voice' alllllllllll day? And is permanently attached to your pantleg? Those are the days you need this meditation. Do it.

Amanda xx


  1. Thanks Amanda, I love this idea! just started yoga yesterday and will definitely keep these meditations in mind for those difficult days... Yvonne x


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