Surely It's Good for You Chocolate Sherbet

I never used to make my own ice cream ... until I started looking at the ingredients on the back of the ones at the big supermarkets. Check this out: "buttermilk, cream, concentrated skim milk, sugar, glucose syrup, whey powder, emulsifier #471, vegetable gums #410 and #407a, halal gelatine, natural flavour, colour #160b." Ewww!!!

So, I started making it myself. And this is my most favourite recipe - because
a) it's really easy
b) it's low fat
c) it's chocolate

Need I say more?

Amazing photo by Dylan at SBM Photography

Even if you've never ever made ice cream-ish desserts before, give this one a try - it's that easy.

Surely It's Good for You Chocolate Sherbet

Adapted from Ice Cream by Joanna Farrow and Sara Lewis
Serves 4-6 

2 1/2 c milk (low fat is ok)*
1/3 c raw cocoa powder
1/2 c sugar (I've also used 1/2 agave syrup; and maple syrup would be yum, too)
1 tsp instant coffee granules or the zest of 1 orange or candied ginger or whatever special ingredients you want to add

*You could try making a vegan version by using coconut milk instead - just omit the tsp of coffee.

1. Put everything into a blender and whizzzzzzzz till mixed thoroughly.
2. Pour into a chilled ice cream maker (if you have one) or into a lidded plastic tub.
3. Follow the directions on your ice cream maker
4. If you're doing this by hand, put your sherbet into the freezer for an hour and over the next couple of hours as the sherbet hardens, pull it out of the freezer every hour or so and give it a stir. If you forget, don't worry ... the stirring makes it creamier but it still tastes amazing icy.

*Before you serve this, leave it out on the bench for 15 min or so to soften it. Remember, it's not a cream-based, egg yolk-based ice cream so the texture is a little more icy and hard. But you're going to love it!!

**And, try to use organic ingredients when you can.

***I keep meaning to try this with sweet potato puree, as I used in hot chocolate a few weeks ago ... you might want to give that a go as well!

But at any rate, with milk and antioxidant-rich cocoa powder ... this has got to have some health benefits. And if it keeps me from eating a whole chocolate bar ... well, that's definitely a good thing!

Amazing photo by Dylan at SBM Photography

How much did this cost me?

Using all organic ingredients, my sherbet cost me less than $2 to make. Yay!

Enjoy, and share the sherbet love,
Amanda xx