Soooo Easy Carrot Salad

Recently my sister asked me for some ideas on how to use up carrots - which is something I think a lot about (not even kidding), since I almost always buy carrots in 2 kg bags at my local natural foods store. So this one's for you, Kari! 

Often we just grate them, add some oil and vinegar or lemon or lime juice and voila! Salad! But a recent posting by Heidi at 101 Cookbooks gave me the idea of dressing up my very simple salad with toasted almonds. This salad is nowhere near as extravagant as hers, but has the advantage of being whip-up-able in no time at all.

Soooo Easy Carrot Salad

Serves as many as you want*
*I don't mean to be vague here, but really I just keep adding carrots till it looks like enough ... I've written the recipe to serve 6ish

About 10 peeled, shredded medium-sized carrots (save the peels for veggie stock!)
3/4 c almonds
6 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbs white wine vinegar
salt to taste

*as always, use organic when you can!
1. Turn on the oven to 180C, 375F and when it's ready, toast your almonds on a baking tray for about 10-15 min until they start smelling amazing.

2. Mix the shredded carrots with the oil and vinegar in a large bowl.

3. Chop the almonds (I like a mix of largeish and smallish pieces for variety) and add to the bowl.

4. Mix everything, season, and serve!

How much did this cost me?

I get the organic carrots for $4/2 kgs, so they probably cost me $2 or so. This amount of pesticide-free almonds was about $1.50, and I'll estimate $0.50 for oil and vinegar. So fresh, organic carrot salad for $4. I'm going to finish off the rest of it right now ...

Amanda xx