Recycled Sweet Potato Hot Chocolate / Popsicles

Would you believe I've still got sweet potato puree left over?? I'll freeze the rest today, but since it's getting cool and crisp in the evenings I first wanted to use it to make some hot chocolate.

This is super creamy, super delicious, super good for you stuff - trust me!

If you have kids or picky eaters at home you must must must check out the cookbook I adapted this from: it's called Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food
... it's all about sneaking healthy things (which can often be leftovers) into family favorites. Love it!

And, would you check out this amazing photo? My next door neighbour Dylan is a great photographer and came over to do a chocolate-inspired photo shoot. (Sadly, we learned that day that it IS possible to have too much chocolate!)

Now, if this pic doesn't make you want to have a hot chocolate, I don't know what will ...

Photo by SBM Photography 

Recycled Sweet Potato Hot Chocolate
Recycled Sweet Potato Popsicles

1 1/4 c milk (whatever kind you have)
1/2 c sweet potato puree
2 Tbs fair-trade cocoa powder
1 Tbs agave syrup or organic raw sugar or honey
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp cinnamon (if you want)

*use organic ingredients when you can

1. First, go out and buy yourself a good quality organic, fair-trade cocoa powder. Be sure it's unsweetened! Mine was also raw cocoa, which is higher in antioxidants than the processed version. You may have to go to your local natural foods store, but it's fantastic stuff and really not all that expensive relative to regular supermarket brands.

*Also, cocoa powder is much cheaper to cook with than chocolate and much less suspicious than cooking chocolate (which often seems to have weird ingredients in it). So, we'll be using it a lot!

Ok, ok, if you have some regular cocoa powder at home, go ahead and use that up!

2. Got your cocoa powder? Here we go - put everything in a blender and blend.

3. Put your blended chocolate into a saucepan and simmer, or pour it into mugs and pop it in the microwave. This recipe serves 2.

4. I served mine with some grated white chocolate on top and a side of chocolate pieces, but this may be why we over-chocolated ourselves ... so you can have it with or without.

5. If you prefer a cooler version, pour the blended chocolate into popsicle trays** and put it in the freezer. I did this with my leftover hot chocolate (after it had cooled down) and it made amazing pudding/custard-like pops.

** Popsicle trays are another must for a thrifty organic household ... leftover smoothy, yogurt, hot chocolate, juice, and so on can all be made into gorgeous popsicles. I even freeze carrot juice for Nelle, and she loves it!

So wherever you live in the world, treat yourself to a thick, steamy cup of hot chocolate, or a cool, drippy chocolate popsicle. Enjoy!
Amanda xx


  1. Hi there Amanda!

    Saw the link for your blog on Jamie Olivers webpage and I really like what you're doing here! I notice you can be followed by email or Twitter...what about Facebook? Did I miss it or are you planning on connecting to it? If so, that would be terrific! I have a good friend that does a blog about saving money using coupons called "www.frugallivingandhavingfun". Besides couponing she also shares frugal (in time and money) recipes. She has over 5,000 fans on FB now and I know that she would just LOVE your blog! I am going to share your blog info with her and I will bet she will want to put a link to your blog on her blog :)

    I am always looking on the net for ways to change the way my family and I eat as we can always do better than we are. But to do this I am looking for EASY, frugal ways to do it since I have a 3yr old and a 1-yr old (and a 14 yr old!)and we live on only one income. I really connect with your story and message bc of this and also bc I lost my best friend to breast cancer at age 30...and I DO BELIEVE that the everyday chemicals we consume have a HUGE impact on our health. So thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and your knowledge with others. I have a lot of friends that try to live a "whole", simple, healthy lifestyle that will love your blog...I hope to see more of your wonderful ideas soon!

    Sandy Parenteau

  2. Amanda@easypeasyorganic.comApril 17, 2010 at 1:30 AM

    Hi Sandy,
    Thank you so much for your positive feedback -- you have so made my weekend! I'm glad to hear there are other mums out there who feel like I do ... so please keep in contact ... I love your friend's site, and Facebook is a great idea, so thanks too for the tips :)

    Hope to hear from you again soon,
    Amanda xx

  3. Since my two years old son must eat gluten-free and casein-free foods, your recipes are very valuable to me. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!!!


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