Easy Peasy Chocolate Spread

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Tomorrow's Saturday! Yay! And I've got just a few plans for the Anzac Day long weekend ... hmmm ... garden bed building tomorrow and my traditional Anzac Thanksgiving on Monday. What's that? Well I have to be true to my American roots ... but who wants to cook a real Thanksgiving in Brisbane in November? So this is my compromise, it's at least autumn here, and a public holiday. But just wait till next week ... lots of Thanksgiving recipes and pictures!

So of course we'll need some energising food to keep us going ... and what better way to start the day than with chocolate on toast. Now this particular recipe isn't the hazelnut and choc spread you can buy at the shops (and we all know what I'm talking about - check the ingredients label sometime) but my interpretation of one I saw in the natural foods shop. I looked at the ingredients as I always do, and thought - hey! I can make this! Here we go.

Easy Peasy Chocolate Spread

This will easily serve your whole family for brekkie plus you'll have leftovers. Adapt amounts as necessary. This also makes a realllllly yummy frosting for cupcakes or cakes ...

2 Tbs raw cocoa powder
2 Tbs agave syrup (you could try honey but I'm not sure how solid sugar would go ...)
2 Tbs extra virgin coconut oil
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
dash of sea salt

Mix everything together. Put it in a small dish for serving and a small pot for storing in the fridge. I've kept mine in the fridge for a couple of weeks no worries. I haven't costed this out, but it's not as expensive as the $8 jar at the shops, plus I use these ingredients all the time so always have them on hand.

I'd better go, have to pick up some hardwood sleepers for our new garden! Nothing like having a bunch of timber stacked up in your courtyard to get you motivated ...
Amanda xx


  1. I add 2 tbs almond butter to it, and sometimes I grind some oatmeal in coffee grinder and add to it, than I make bite size balls


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