Ode to the Spatula

Ok, this post may seem a bit weird ... but the rubber spatula is sooooo important to thrifty cooking, I thought it warranted a special note. I use my spatula all the time, mostly to scrape batter out of bowls. And if you doubt how much you can scrape out with a spoon vs with a spatula, I challenge you to spend a couple dollars, get one, and try it. Think - your finger. Only much more hygenic. (of course, you can still use your finger if you don't want to share ... )

I also use my spatula to 'fold batter,' take ice cream out of the ice cream maker, take rice out of the rice cooker, get all the smoothie out of the blender, etc.

So, ode to the spatula - may it help us prevent food waste and save us lots of money.

Amanda xx