Emergency Ice Cream (aka Bribery)

This is a busy time of year.
You need to get stuff done.
Without kids tugging on you.
You are about to resort to ... processed sweets.

No! Stop! We can do this a better way ... let's talk this through. No need to be hasty. Instead - let's make some ice cream.

No I'm not insane. I'm not suggesting you make real, custard-based, churned ice cream. What you're going to do is much much more simple than that. And, in the spirit of the 'Emergency' series - it takes no time at all. If you've taken my advice and put some bananas in the freezer, that is.

Emergency Ice Cream
serves 2-3 (depending on hunger and/or boredom levels)

The time
5 minutes

The ingredients
4 med frozen bananas (de-peeled), roughly chopped
1 c plain yogurt*
2 tsp raw honey
a pinch of cinnamon (optional)

*You could use milk, too, if you don't have yogurt at home. Just use less - maybe 1/2 cup? And add only enough to get the frozen bananas to blend without making it too milky.

**As always, use organic ingredients when you can.

The process
1. Put into the blender and blend. It'll be thick and creamy.

2. Serve the 'ice cream' in small bowls with a spoon and a Dora the Explorer dvd.

3. Use your time wisely!

The cost
I buy marked down bananas, and put them straight in the freezer. I also made the yogurt ... so my organic emergency ice cream costs about $0.50 a serve. But is priceless in happiness-factor.

Mmmmmmm .......
Amanda xx