I Resolve ... Not to Have Resolutions

This morning I laid on the floor in the 40C heat, closed my eyes and felt the deliciousness of living. My heart pounded. My body was mine. I felt fresh and alive. And I considered my New Years resolutions.

To be honest, I can't stand resolutions. I don't mean to be negative here - but I feel that resolutions, in general, are negative. Reflect on what went wrong in the past year and set up goals for the new year that (in many cases) are unattainable. Hmmm ... I almost never feel good about resolutions.

So this year - I'm having none. That's not to say that I won't do my best to be good to myself ... but I'm going to be less specific in what my expectations for next year are.

I want to move forward

My no-guilt plan?

I'll try to be good to my body - give it exercise and good food and (oh yes) wine - but I will never. ever. diet.

I'll try to be where I am - meaning, for example, that when I'm reading to Nelle I won't be making up my grocery list in my head at the same time. Or writing blog posts.

I'll try to remember that I'm not perfect. At least not all the time. So if I mess up? Well, I'll try to do better next time.

I'll try to live and love without reserve. Because if cancer taught me anything, it was to do my living now. And to do that living with my favourite people.

These two.

Those are my non-resolutions. What are yours?

Have a happy, happy New Years - and a great 2011!
Amanda xx


  1. Beautiful photos. Beautiful sentiments. I, too, hope to just... be ... this year.

  2. @themommybowl.com

    Happy New Year, Deanna! Have a great 2011, just *being* :)

  3. What a gorgeous, gorgeous photo!! I love it. Have a wonderful new year :)

  4. Just read your 'When I had Cancer' page. So well written. Summarizes so many feelings that I have about my own breast cancer experience. It does change things - especially how you look at resolutions. ;-). Keep living for the day and enjoy!!!

  5. @nicola @ gfreemom Hi Nicola, thanks so much for introducing yourself! I love your site - lots of goodies to peruse ... :)


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