I had big plans this week. BIG plans.

Here's what I had going:
make my new business idea a reality. fly to Sydney to visit friends and family. dinner with a friend the night before leaving. dinner with another friend the night returning. tidying the house for our house-and-dog sitter. planning out my writing career. attending a food blogger picnic (in a city I'm bound to get lost in). being the best mum in the world. getting in touch with friends I haven't seen in awhile. calling my parents. calling my mum in law. wrapping presents. making presents. buying presents. buying stuff we need and purging stuff we don't. drinking tea. reading Gourmet Traveller. or Donna Hay. cleaning out the fridge, the bathrooms, the cupboards, the garage, Nelle's closet, my head. getting a haircut. remembering to exercise. everyday. eating. making sure my child eats. being happy. going to the dentist. the grocery store. and the post office.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.

What was I thinking? Seriously?

I've had two colds in the span of a week. I've lost my voice, sniffled, coughed, agonised, had a sore throat and a sore body, napped, nightmared, and been unbearably grumpy (or so I think Robbie would say). A series of enemies? Or just one?


Whatever it is - it doesn't matter - I'm grounding myself.

no trip. no plans. feeling the earth beneath my feet. buying veggies. reacquainting myself with Simplicity. (I'm sure it's hiding in a cupboard somewhere). remembering my priorities. reading,  preferably in bed. listening to music - and really hearing it. smiling at myself in the mirror. playing games with my child - and while doing so, forgetting every. single. other. thing. that needs to be done. breathing in. breathing out. Grounding.

And what does chocolate have to do with any of this?

Seriously ... you have to ask?

Amanda xx


  1. yes i love this!
    i have so many lists and plans like this amanda and i get upset when i dont achieve everything on the list.
    kids are great for making you remember that living in the present is important.
    that chocolate looks great!

  2. @jen @ giftboxology

    So so true, Jen! Kids totally ground you. And try to eat your chocolate ... so it's a trade-off, really. :)

  3. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.


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