Holiday Crepes with Lemon

I just had a holiday kind of holiday. You know - the kind where you feel completely apathetic about doing anything at all, because hey - the house is warm and the desert outside is chilly ... and you can get lost in that couch with your little girl or the love of your life ... 

And there's something about the palm trees nestled up against the mountains that makes me happy.

And seeing my parents definitely makes me happy.

But do you know what the icing on the cake was? The house had citrus trees. Ripe lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines. All bright and full of vitamins at the peak of goodness. Naturally chilled and ready for breakfast. Salad dressings. Quick, tart sorbets. Cookies. And crepes. 

Crepes on holiday are one of those special treats that are much simpler than they look. They're actually really practical. Like a DKNY factory outlet clearance sale. You look like a million bucks for next to nothing. (Heh, heh, bet you can't guess where I spent my Santa credits ... )

They only use 3-4 ingredients, and often those you need to use up by the end of a holiday. You can make a big batch and fill leftover crepes with savoury stuff for lunch, or slather with peanut butter for a snack, use them for enchiladas or cannelloni. 

But start out with butter and sugar and lemon. And smile.

Holiday Crepes with Lemon
makes 12-16
adapted from Michael Ruhlman's Ratio

The time
5 min prep + 30 min rest + 15-20 min cooking

The ingredients
1c wholemeal flour
1c unbleached plain flour
2 c + 1/2 c milk (I use whole milk)
8 free-range or organic eggs
1 tsp vanilla (optional)

*As always, use organic ingredients when you can

NOTE: I'm usually not a big fan of non-stick cookware - but in this instance (as with omelettes) you really need one ... trust me, it'll keep you in your happy zone.

The process
1. Mix the flours and milk together in a large bowl. Then cover and pop into the fridge for 30 minutes (or even overnight). This allows the flour to soak up some of the milk. You don't have to do this, but your crepes will probably turn out nicer if you do. 

2. Then add the eggs and vanilla and mix thoroughly. Try to mix out all the lumps. 

NOTE: Your batter should have the texture of a runny milkshake ... add small amounts of flour or milk  to get it to the right consistency.

3. Heat up your medium- to large-sized non-stick pan over med-high heat. Rub with a little bit of butter and pour in just enough batter to cover the bottom. The crepe should be really thin - just beyond see-through. When the crepe starts to get lovely brown spots on the bottom, flip it and slightly brown the other side.

4. As you finish them, stack crepes on a plate in a warm oven. Serve with butter and a sprinkle of raw sugar and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Roll up and ... yum!

The cost
I can make a large batch of 100% organic crepes for less than $6. 

Have a lovely day!
Amanda xx


  1. Amanda, great photo of your parents house and oh how blue the sky is! Back here in Brissie it is raining cats and dogs.

    You have inspired me to get out the crepe-pan - thanks.

  2. @Where My Heart Is Hey Jess! Boy, I wish it was my parents' house! They live in Iowa, so when we visit in the winter, we convince them to meet us in warm places ... like Palm Springs!

    I wouldn't have believed that winter in the States would be nicer than summer in Brissie ... but eek! sounds like too much rain! Stay dry :)

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  4. Why don't you like nonstick cookware? Is it bad for you?

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