My True Love, in a Sandwich

I have fallen in love with a cheese.

I never expected it to happen, but ... well ... there's no going back now. The only thing is that it's going to be a long distance relationship for awhile. Until I can convince some Aussie cheese-makers to start making it for me. (Please? Will you?)

My true love is called Smokey Blue. And, as it sounds, it's a blue cheese that's been smoked.

It's amazing all on its own, or with crackers. And it tastes unbelievable in the sandwich I had today. Want to try it? Find yourself some smoked blue cheese ... and get ready to fall in love ...

Red, Green and Blue Sandwich
serves 1

The time
5-10 min

The ingredients
Your favourite bread (I used honey wholemeal)
Super-thin apple slices
A handful of baby spinach
Smokey blue cheese

The process
1. Toast your bread. Assemble.

The cost
I estimate this'll cost you less than $2 per sandwich.

And Robbie? You know you are the true love of my life ... I could never give you up for a cheese.

(Even one as good as this.) Promise.

Amanda xx


  1. Sounds delicious - I am also having a long distance relationship with a walnut cheese I discovered in Paris in December :)

  2. Maybe you could drop an email to Udder Delights here in the Adelaide Hills ... you never know what they might do, or they might import that some one?


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