The Longest Day

i hate it when my baby's sick.

when she's burning up and i've given her medicine and it hasn't helped yet. and she's aching and feeling 'wobbly' with chills. and there's nothing i can do.

and now she's sleeping ... i can hear her soft breathing. but even still, i want to wake her up ... feel her forehead ...  hear her voice ... make sure she's ok. i lay back down and cover myself up. tell myself - stay in bed ... close your eyes ...

i know she needs the sleep right now. but me? i lie awake thinking all those bad thoughts i usually keep at bay.

all the fears in the back of my mind rush at me. because i'm old enough to know how the world works, and i'm a mum now. and she's ... my heart? my hope?


Is the longest day.

Amanda xx


  1. And thank God there will be always a "tomorrow".
    She will be okay .. And I can tell it simply by reading your post and feeling how much love you have for her.
    Thanks for all sweet words :)


  2. I fear the day my baby gets his first illness... I think I will be the same way. I hope your little girl feels better soon!

  3. hope your wee little one feels better soon. my cute husband is sick, and it makes my heart weak...i can't imagine how hard it is to have a child that is not well.

    thanks for stopping by my i have found your absolutely lovely blog!

  4. @Amanda Mae Thanks Amanda! Your little guy is so super cute :) Loving the pics!

  5. @Ann Marie
    Ditto! Ihope your hubbie gets better soon, too :)


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