The More You Drink, The More Fun It Gets

Say - purely hypothetically - that you're in the mountains for two weeks. With an almost-five year old, an almost-four year old, and a just-two year old. No tv, save the well-worn Maisy dvd that appears some afternoons when mummy has remembered to charge the laptop. And rain. Unseasonably profuse rain.

I'm not saying this scenario should lead a woman to wine ... but, if it happens to ...

make the most of it.

Ah yes, cork people may just save your sanity. And if you're clever like my friend Justine, you'll use yogurt cartons to make elaborate castles and, with toothpicks for legs, corks will become noble stallions.

If you're like me, you might just draw faces. And provide egg cartons for decidedly non-medieval buses. (But hey - she's satisfied, my girl.)

Lest you miss the recipes I usually post, consider this post a recipe for life. Adaptability is the salt of holidays.

or something like that.
Amanda xx


  1. Love it, very nicely drawn face :) Desperation is the mother of invention??

  2. I'm stealing this idea for next week when I travel with my kids. It's like a prescription for wine.

    Doctor, I shall follow your orders.

  3. Beck - I *love* that quote! So applicable to travel with kids ...

    And Cheryl - enjoy your holiday. That's another prescription.


  4. Sweet! Love the cork people...can see your creating a new toy line from them one day. Hoping the sun came out before the wine ran out. LOL

    P.S. I did make your cleanser and your scrub and gave them to my five sisters this past weekend. Also gave some to my daughter. Everyone loved them as did I. Use both the cleanser and the scrub every day and I've stocked up on almonds, honey, etc. Thank you so much Amanda.

  5. Hello! I also experienced that,that you're in the mountains for how many weeks with little young kids.. No television, no computer and no other means of entertainment. You're drawings are fantastic. I want to duplicate it!

  6. Loving the little cork people. They are adorable. I bet the wine is good!

  7. @The Vanilla Bean Baker That's GREAT, Paula - I'm so happy everyone's been enjoying the products you made! xx

  8. Sherilyn, you betcha. And inexpensive, too. And you know what? French wine doesn't keep for as long once you've opened it ...

    food for thought.


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