Sustainability is Really Just Sharing

My little non-vegetarian loves seafood. She would happily eat it every day ... and here along the west coast of Scotland it's not hard to imagine. Fresh ocean and loch-caught fish. Mussels, scallops, prawns, langostines, crabs, clams, oysters, and a host of creatures I've never even heard of - fresh and local. She's loving it.

"I want to catch all the fish in the ocean and eat them up," she states, hungrily.

"I'll have a pink net and a boat." (which, I imagine, will also be pink ... with sparkles ...)

And she's beaming with excitement at the idea that she might (with her Daddy's assistance) catch fish after fish after fish and cook them up for some kind of marathon dinner party. 

But what about the seals? I say. Or the sharks? What will they eat if you eat all the fish?

"I'll share my fish!" says my girl. Because we talk a lot about sharing. A. lot.

Good idea, I say. But what if the seals and sharks can't come to your dinner? What will they eat then?
I tell her that some people aren't so good at sharing, and they take too many fish out of the ocean. And that it leaves the poor sharks and seals hungry.

She tells me she'll just take one. She'll leave the rest.

And then she proceeds to eat more seafood for her dinner than I've eaten in my lifetime.

Oh, well.
We've got to start somewhere.
Amanda xx


  1. It's wonderful that your daughter enjoys seafood as much as she does. Enjoyed your *conversation* with her about sustainability and your is really just about sharing...taking only what you need and leaving the rest.


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