Adzuki Bean Smoothies

Everyone seems to be coming back from trips to Japan lately ... skiing holidays in Hokkaido, visits to friends in Tokyo ... and it's making me wish I was heading there. For mochi. Sushi. Cherry blossoms. People who never make you feel like a stranger.

I lived in Japan 10 years ago ... only for 3 months, but I actually had an apartment in a village on the train line from Kyoto. I had a gym membership, woven bamboo flooring and a futon bed.
I soaked in hot onsen baths with little old ladies and drank profuse amounts of green tea. I learned how to make my own bagels, out of desperation, and in a convection microwave. I took long bike rides through tea fields and forests and marvelled at how you can step out of urban Japan into rice paddies within a few seconds. I spent $5 on one glorious pear once. I furnished my apartment from the things other people were throwing out ... nice things ... (things that really shouldn't have been thrown out). I took the train to Nara and explored the temples, drank from a fountain for longevity, ate fish-shaped pancakes stuffed with custard, just wandered.

Japan taught me some key lessons about food. Simplicity, beauty, freshness. That grocery shopping in Japanese can make for some - er - interesting surprises. And also that adzuki beans make for great desserts.

Or, in this case, smoothies.
Happy daydreaming!
Amanda xx

Adzuki Smoothie
serves 2

The time
5 minutes

The ingredients
2 large frozen bananas (or 3 small) - peeled and chopped
1 dried fig
1/2 cup canned adzuki beans
2 cups milk*

*I bet coconut milk would be lovely, too!

The process

The cost
My organic smoothie cost me $1.25-ish per person. Full of protein and happiness.


  1. What a beautiful experience you have shared. I would never have thought to use adzuki beans in this way. Thanks heaps for sharing.... Hope you are well and the wedding plans are coming along x

  2. HI! I just wrote a post about you as my blog love, you can see it here-
    thanks for rocking my blog world!
    Pepper x

  3. How lovely. Sounds as if 3 months in Japan provided you with a lifetime of experience and memories. Once again, I had to look up an ingredient (adzuki beans). So, you see how educational your blog is! Thank you.

  4. so beautiful! Hope you are well and the wedding plans are coming along x

  5. oh how beautiful. I always crave japanese when i need something fresh and simple. YUM.


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