A Toast?

I wouldn't say I'm stressed ... it's more that I feel a whole buzzing in my body, and my brain flits from one thought to another like a 4 year old on a chocolate high ...

Everything's coming together now - the grant is written, quadruple-checked and submitted; the rings are re-sized and my dress re-fitted; somewhere in South Brisbane some lovely Greek ladies are making us a tray of my favourite sweet treat ... baklava; and Mom's here (at least in body) from the US to hang out with us for 2 whole weeks! To help bake cupcakes and hang garlands and play Snakes and Ladders with Nelle and take care of us next week after my post-wedding surgery*.

*ever the non-traditionalists, we're having my ovaries out 4 days into our new marriage ... Don't worry - I'm fine ... this is an elective surgery to help prevent ovarian cancer and reduce my chances of breast cancer coming back. All good. Besides, what better time to lay around in bed than when Mommy's here? Of course, we're emotional about these little ovaries - and all the potential sweet Nelles they could contain, but we're 100% confident that this is the best choice for us. And maybe I'll talk more about my surgery-feelings later. I've got a wedding to look forward to!

So, someone grab me a cocktail please (maybe after I pick Nelle up from kindy?) ... and let's toast to achieving big things. (And all within a 2-week window ...) Talk to you all next week!
Love, Amanda xx


  1. I'm a relatively new reader of yours, but it seems that I've come on board at a particularly exciting time! Best wishes for weddings, successful grants and surgery!!

  2. So busy, so many emotions. Most importantly, you sound happy and I'm happy for you. Have a beautiful wedding, I know you will. Glad your Mom is there, let her spoil you and the family. Will be thinking of you all these next few weeks. Congratulations again :)

  3. What an exciting time and how wonderful that Nelle can be part of the wedding.

    Good on you for opting for the surgery. The science is pretty convincing. I think it is a perfect (and practical) thing to do 4 days after marriage :).

  4. Congratulations on the wedding love!!!

    And good thoughts for the surgery, perfect time for mum to visit!


  5. I will be with you there in spirit - both on your wedding day with vows on your lips, and at the hospital taking care of business. We love you xxx

  6. Hey Amanda

    Have an amazing wedding day and of course all the best for your impending surgery. Shall be thinking of you.


  7. Hello!

    Have a ball on your wedding day. I agree that it is very sweet that Nelle can be a part of it.

    And thinking good thoughts for your surgery. Sounds like you have really thought it through and know what you want.

    we look forward to some pics! (of the wedding, not the surgery thanks...unless you really want to...)

  8. What a few weeks you have/had planned!

    Wishing you all the best on your big day. May it be filled with family, friends, food, and (most of all) LOVE! And may the sun shine bright!

    Can't wait to see the photos!
    Love and hugs,

  9. Hi Amanda,
    I've been reading you for a while and love your blog, lots of interesting ideas! congratulations on your wedding!!
    a question: will you be taking a hormon replacement treatment after your surgery or not?

  10. Hey, thanks everybody for the lovely well-wishes! In answer to you, Sisi, I won't be taking hormone replacement. I'm having the surgery because my breast cancer was highly sensitive to estrogen - so estrogen in my body is baaaaaad. Nope, I'll be happily hormone free! :)


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