3 Steps to Inner Quiet

well. I've had one of those inexplicably unsettled days ...

most incredible sleep of all time? tick.
sunshine? tick.
breakfast picnic on the deck with Nelle? tick.
great coffee with a friend? tick.
yoga? tick.

so why. do i feel. like shit?
what the hell is going on here?

time to brew myself some inner quiet.
three little steps.

and some days the world just looks better when viewed through the steam off a cup of chai ...
Amanda xx


  1. I could use a few minutes like this every day. Ah, tea, is there anything you can't do?

  2. Glad I am not the only one who sometimes doesn't feel awesome after an otherwise textbook perfect day! Hooray for tea (preferably peppermint). ;-)

  3. I love to take green tea 2times a day with my friends... have fun and relax at same time.


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