Ironing is the New Loo

I know a certain someone who now and then vanishes into the loo. The toilet. The bathroom. Book in hand, and with more secrecy than showmanship, {this person} slips behind a closed door for significant periods of quiet and privacy. 

"Hey, {name}" I shout, "where are you? I need help with the dishes/vacuuming/BBQ/laundry/etc!" or I call impatiently: "We've got to go!" with harried glances at the time on my phone.

And what's the response I hear?
"But I'm in/on the toilet!"
which really means
"Ha! Get out of jail free card, bitch"
{except that this person would never call me that. if they wanted food ever again.}

Well. I'm not one to take my mental breaks in the bathroom. And let me tell you, trying to sneak a book out onto the balcony doesn't work either. {Your child will find you.}

But I've just found something that does get me some precious moments to myself - to think or not think or whatever.

Seriously, ironing is the best. thing. ever.

Even before having kid I never liked ironing. It seemed pointless, and did I really care if my shirt or dress or pillowcase was wrinkled? Nope. But I recently read a book called Savvy Chic, which talked about how you can have nice things for little money, and if you buy them and use them and treat them well {ironing being one way} you can even make your thrifty things look spectacularly fancy.

I like that idea, so I started ironing.

And you know what? Ironing's awesome. Me time. Get out of jail free, baby.
  1. I'm doing work,
  2. work my significant other doesn't want to do
  3. and the iron is hot hot hot. Meaning no children allowed anywhere in my proximity.
Oh, this is infallible genius, people.

Now. Off to wash and wrinkle some clothes ...
Amanda xx


  1. I've never commented here before, but I have to now because that "Get out of jail" comment about the loo made me laugh so hard even though it is only 5 am here. It is so true!

  2. Oh Amanda this is pure genius! I HATE ironing with a passion but have found it is a good excuse to watch a DVD or 3 or listen to some really LOUD music all guilt free. Well, I'm off to catch up on some TV......

  3. Very funny post... My partners brother used to use the get out of jail card when there was gardening/weed pulling or dish washing to be done when they were little boys!!! He still does it! Argh... like we don't know what he's doing!!!! So funny! Hmmm now where is that ironing board :)

  4. @Momand Kiddo Well, hello, MK! Happy I could help brighten the 5am sunlight for you :)

  5. @Dongella! Donna - now, if only they made ironing boards with a little martini-glass holder ... ;)

  6. Ah, so it starts young! I'll have to make sure little Nelle doesn't start lessons from her dad ... er, the unnamed person I was speaking about ...

  7. Ironing boards with a Martini glass holder... Pure Genius, Amanda!! :) I like your thinking!!

  8. I love this post! Gave me a good laugh. :D

  9. So, Jen, you reckon there's a market? ;)

    And Mia - thanks! I like making people smile!

  10. As soon as I read the part about the iron being hot, it hit me. YES. This IS genius. I'm so getting over my disdain of ironing.

  11. When the children were little the mental health break in the toilet and the shower at the end of the day were God sent. But, like you, I've found ironing and cleaning the bathroom to have a similar effect. Likewise gardening. I can go out there and no one comes near me for hours. Of course, the children got bigger so I could leave them unsupervised while gardening. Needless to say, as the children got older, the garden got better.

  12. How funny - I never thought of it like that. I hate ironing but maybe I should give it another shot.... x

  13. M - yes. do it. Ironing has never felt so good ...

    K - the garden! perfect! except ours is just in our townhouse courtyard ... right out front and *definitely* in shouting distance :)

    S - do you mean shot as in vodka? hee hee I'm with you. ;)


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