In the Quiet Around the House :: With Toastie and Veggie Broth

Today, I'm slow-cooking veggie broth. I've saved all the ends and wilts from that neglected bottom drawer, and in this morning's brief quiet, I popped them into a vintage crock with parsley and pepper and a handful of dried bay leaves. Poured over the water, set the glass lid gently into place, on - yes, ok, and out the door we dashed. The broth's done now, and once it cools a bit I'll strain it into glass jars for the fridge. Our new worms will get the sodden bits I filter out. The rest? Soup and soup and more soup over this next week. 

It's raining again and the lights are still off, so the house has that deep and pensive dimness to it that makes me want to write. Daydream and write. Or maybe read. I'd crawl into bed, but it's actually quite bright up there, so I'll sit instead at this old hardwood table with a steaming tea. Write things into the largest of my moleskine notebooks, the one Nelle emblazened with my name across the cover.

Thank you, darling. 
There's no 'r' in Amanda, but what does it matter? Really?

I've just made myself a toastie - a flatbread straight out of the freezer, folded over feta and caramelised red capsicum (from a jar), with sliced mushrooms and spinach. Some of the capsicum has oozed out the side, and caramelised even further across the underside of the flatbread. The very best kind of surprise.

I'm thinking about Burmese food, and that sweet, small smile Margaret Atwood gave me, and a walk through tea plantations in the Sri Lankan highlands we'll take later in the year. But more on those another day. I think it's time to leave the house and smell the rain over a cup of coffee.

Happy weekend,
Amanda xx


  1. Now that summer has finished I can feel the need for broth coming on. How crap has this weather been? I am totally over it! Hope Nelle has settled into school. x

  2. @Sherilyn @ Wholepromise There's such a romance to rain, theoretically ... but then you get to know it *intimately* and it's warping your bamboo floors and moulding up your garage ...



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