I'm so excited to be a 'producer' now ... so I wanted to tell you all about our container garden. 

Well, if you can call it that ... it seems it doesn't like being contained.

Just so you know, we live in a townhouse in what's known as Brisbane's 'Inner West'. We don't have a huge backyard, or in fact any backyard at all! Out front, we have a little patch of grass, a little patch of deck, and a brick path between them. We have two native trees that block out ... oh, about 60% of the possible sunlight we get.

But we have created ... LIFE. A garden. In our own little space.

We've used hanging baskets to maximise the vertical space we have ... so herbs and tomatoes and even rocket hang from our upstairs balconies.

And then, because that wasn't nearly enough ... we built a garden bed. (And by 'we', I mean a couple of handy friends of ours - thanks guys!). It completely blocks our front door, but it makes use of the best sunlight and ... well, we didn't really use the front door anyway. We're more side-door types.

I love that we can pick our salad. I love that Nelle can pick our salad. Or, rather, she could - if we were to let her loose with scissors.

We have everything netted because here in Brisbane we have beautiful little (native) possums that love to nibble on lettuces, tomatoes, herbs, chilis - anything really. (Oh yes, they love chilis!!)

But even the netting can't stop our garden. It makes me sooooooo happy! We save money, because we grow our own ... we reduce waste because we only pick what we want to use ... and we have herbs and salad whenever we want them.

And Nelle digs and shovels and moves dirt around from here to there and there to here and sees just where her veggies come from ... and all in our little urban garden.

So, if you're thinking about planting something - do it.

If you're thinking that a veggie patch sounds better than a manicured lawn - dig it.

If you're thinking that looks like an amazing carrot - it was.

But hey, whatever you do ... do what makes you happy. Life's too short to do anything else.
Amanda xx


  1. What an inspiring post Amanda! Congratulations on your beautiful edible garden... and it must be said - the photography is just superb! I am inspired to try a balcony vege garden for myself...

  2. How exciting! That carrot is so pretty!

  3. Erika, I can assure that it was NOT too pretty to eat ;)


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