Mango Therapy

Melancholy. That's how I feel today, even though I'm sitting at my kitchen bench with the smell of strawberries wafting over me. Even though I've just had a good coffee. And even though I spent an hour wandering around my favourite market. Buying mangoes. A tray of organic mangoes - seconds - for just $15.

What is wrong with me? Seriously, the day could not get much better than this ...

Well I know exactly what's wrong with me ... but I'm a little embarassed about it. So, I'll hold off for a moment and tell you about mangoes. (Um, denial? Or just distraction?)


What do I love about mangoes? There are two wild mango trees a block away from our house. And last year, we harvested about 30 kgs from them ... for absolutely nothing. Well, that's not exactly true - I paid the price in hives, having not realised that mangoes are related to (you won't believe it) poison ivy. The sap of the free-range variety gets you. But a few steroids and some rubber gloves later, my happy relationship with mangoes was restored.

I love mangoes all on their own. Mango chutney. Mango jam. Sliced and dehydrated. Frozen as puree for smoothies or daquiris. In salad with red onion and coriander and chili. Mango toffee. Ah, the options!

Last year there were so many wild mangoes on Brisbane sidewalks and in peoples' backyards that they actually had to send around special rubbish collection to remove all the rotting fruit. They say this year won't be as productive ... so I'm savouring every. single. one.


And as for my melancholy? Please don't laugh. Robbie and I finally finished Lost last night. We started the series (on dvd) when I was pregnant - almost 4 years ago. And since then, we've followed along from the comfort of our bed, on the laptop, with glasses of wine or cups of tea ... now and then rewatching entire seasons ... savouring the end like the last mango.

And now it's done, and I feel a bit sad.

But that's me. I cried when the last Harry Potter book finished. When Old Yeller died. And when Ariel left the sea forever to marry the prince ...

Amanda xx


  1. Just now finishing up the very last jar of mango chutney from January's bounty. We're going through a couple of mangoes a day here too. They are soooo divine right now. A little early though?

  2. hi Steph,
    We never had our mango chutney competition, did we? We're still getting through ours ... lots of curries lately for some reason :)


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